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What Is a Drip Campaign and How Does It Help You?

A drip campaign is an underused, powerful marketing tool for real estate agents. Here’s the short, quick guide to why you should be using them in your business.

Let’s start with a definition:

What Is a Drip Campaign?

It’s a series of automated emails to certain subgroups within your contacts based on their interests or actions. Good drip campaigns keep a lead thinking about you and nurtures them further into your sales funnel.

How Does an Effective Drip Campaign Help Build Your Business?

It’s the Sweet Spot between Automated and Personalized Communication.

Real estate is a business about building trust and meeting individual’s unique needs. But it’s also a business with a lot of opportunities for leads to fall through. An effective agent follows up on every lead, but uses automated and pre-written tools to save the majority of their time for the leads most likely to convert.

A series of tailored drip campaigns lets a successful agent provide useful and relatively specific information to new leads without wasting time writing hundreds of individual emails. Sort leads into drips focused on buyer/seller needs or location preferences. These categories are specific enough to provide leads with information relevant to their needs but broad enough that one campaign can be re-used for hundreds of leads.

It Fosters Conversation.

The drips described above are overtures between you and the lead. Once you find an effective overture, it’s okay—even wise—to use it with lead after lead. But be ready to diverge from the script based on their responses.

A good drip campaign prompts conversation by offering leads information, asking leading questions, and encouraging them to contact you. Once they do, you need to respond quickly and in a manner tailored to their questions.

Some agents compliment their email drip campaigns with follow-up phone calls. These are particularly powerful if you’ve sent leads comprehensive resources like a home buyer’s guide or a local market analysis. Now your follow-up call has a purpose: to check if a lead has any questions. This tactic positions you as a resource, not a salesperson, and you’ve successfully begun a conversation.

It Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Data.

If you’re just using your CRM to store names and emails, your database is not the business asset that it could or should be. A good CRM will help you store, hone, and analyze your drip campaigns.

Make sure your CRM comes with professionally written drip campaign templates and a professionally designed and written newsletter with relevant content. In addition to setting up drip campaigns through your CRM, it should provide you with campaign reports for everything you send out. The CRM should lay the open and click-through rates for each campaign and connect that data to specific contacts so that you can follow-up.

Your CRM should also have a number of sorting and tagging features that let you assign contacts to drip campaigns, review their previous drips, and record their participation.

Organization features are the foundation of a successful drip campaign, because they record the lead profile’s information that let you personalize the campaigns. If you can’t record what kinds of properties interest a lead, how they found you, or what their price range is, how can you expect to produce content that will make them open your emails?

An Effective Drip Campaign Helps Build Your Business By:

  • Saving you time.
  • Initiating more conversations with leads.
  • Increasing effective data analysis.

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