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Categorize Your Contacts

Contact Segmentation

ZipperAgent is a CRM built for managing your entire sphere of influence, not just leads. With extensive options for customized segmentation, you can manage all separate groups like buyers, other realtors, and friends/family.


ZipperAgent is very easy to learn and use. It keeps me organized by tracking all my contacts, listings, appointments, and daily tasks.
- Brian Edwards / Keller Williams Realty

Centralize Your Data

Contact Details

Keep all information and communication between you and a contact in one localized spot. Our interactive contact details page will show you all information regarding the contact including a timeline of activity and any activity they have had on your website.

Information Overview


Take a quick glance at your business and what activities need to be completed on a daily basis with our informative dashboard. You can check who was the last website visitor, what new leads came in overnight, and what tasks are on the agenda to be completed that day.

What is ZipperAgent?

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Our platform combines the tools necessary for marketing automation, lead follow-up, and transaction management all in one place. ZipperAgent is designed to leverage you more time and make you more money.

Stay In Contact


ZipperAgent has cut out the middleman. You no longer have to manage contacts in one platform while emailing them in another. Once you integrate your email account into the CRM, all messages you send out of the system will look no different than if they were coming from your email client directly.


Having everything in one place means we no longer need to search and hunt for stuff in folders or on our computer. Now we just click on an individual contact and we have everything associated with/attached to that person.
- Laura Baliestiero / Coldwell Banker

Virtual To-Do List


Keep track of all tasks and meetings that are on your agenda. You can integrate a third party calendar that syncs with your email or simply add events in the CRM. You can view these activities in both a list form or a calendar view.

Real Time Analytics


ZipperAgent provides a powerful reporting module and report building engine. Pull information on past deals, commission amounts, lead types etc. to take a look at how your business is doing.

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    Experience for free how you can grow your business using the power of an all-in-one marketing and sales platform.

      Request For A Free Trial

      Experience for free how you can grow your business using the power of an all-in-one marketing and sales platform.