Real Estate CRM Dead Leads

Reinvigorate “Dead” Leads In Your Real Estate CRM

Every real estate CRM is full of dead leads: leads that stopped responding, opted out of your services, or never responded in the first place. But these leads aren’t as dead as you think! Here’s your short and sweet guide the follow-up tactics that bring these leads back to life.

Don’t assume a lead is permanently dead. Real estate sales don’t happen overnight, which means a lead might need months or years of follow-up before they’re read to commit to buying or selling with you. Real estate is a business full of changing factors—family size, house prices, personal finances, job prospects, the season—so don’t mistake some long-term silence as a complete lack of interest. 

Answer a fundamental question about each lead:  Why Did You Mark the Lead as Dead?

The Lead Seemed Promising But Stopped Responding.

  • Keep these leads on long-term mass email campaigns, particularly newsletters. Newsletters provide a monthly reminder of your services wrapped up in useful information that gives leads a good reason to open your emails.
  • Tag or otherwise categorize these leads in your CRM so you remember what they were looking for when you first contacted them. That way you can…
  • Send them a “hey you!” email every six months. A “hey you!” email jump-starts your contact with lost leads. It should be short and sweet and ask two questions:
    • Are you still looking for a [house type] in [areas of interest]?
    • Would you like more information on that subject?

Yes, a “hey you!” email takes a bit of work. You can base it off a template, but each lead’s interests have to be filled in separately. Precision and specificity are important to effective “hey you!” emails, since you want to impress the lead with how much you remember about them and how ready you are to help.

But they pay off. You’ll likely reinstate contact with 10-20% of the leads you contact this way!

The Lead Never Interacted With Me.

  • Just as above, make sure these leads are added to your newsletters.
  • Also add these leads to relevant long-term drip campaigns.
  • You should have three basic ones for this kind of lead:
    • Potential Buyers: a six-month or year-long drip giving potential buyers information about your experience, the home-buying process, the housing marking, and local areas.
    • Potential Sellers: a six-month or year-long drip giving potential sellers information about your experience, the home-selling process, and the housing market.
    • Potential Buyers or Sellers: a generalized, information-giving drip campaign that showcases your experience and market knowledge.  Just because this drip is vague doesn’t mean it shouldn’t contain real information. Useful content makes leads open emails.

The Lead Expressed Negative Feelings about My Services or Opted Out.

These are the definitively dead leads. Agents already run out of time, so don’t waste any on leads who have written you off or expressly said they don’t want to work with you. You’ll be much better served looking for new leads in the first two categories than chasing someone who’s already said, “no thanks.”

Tip: Use email analytics to refine these groups and hone your messaging.

A real estate CRM like ZipperAgent that’s integrated with your email accounts should give you statistics about open and click-through rates. Use this information to pick which leads you’ll contact over the phone or through more targeted email campaigns.

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