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Information Overview

Mobile App Dashboard

ZipperAgent mobile app has a dashboard which shows the key metrics for your business. The dashboard provides the number of contacts your database, the number of new leads, active buyers and listings, and all your key activities. As a user, the dashboard is the perfect starting point from where one can jump right into the work one needs to accomplish at the moment.


The reason I’m able to travel to places like Costa Rica is because I have the ZipperAgent mobile app. They have a well integrated suite of services that allows me to work remotely and always be available.
- Charles O’Neill / Charles River Properties

Manage Them Anywhere

Easy to Maintain Contacts

In a mobile friendly format you can add, filter, manage, email, call, or text contacts in our app. Any information that is added in the mobile app for a contact will be immediately available in the desktop CRM as well.

Track Your Transactions

Searches and Listings in The App

Since realtors are always on the go, it is crucial to be able to access your transaction information no matter where you are. On the Mobile App, you can check what stage your buyers and sellers are in, what activities are due that day, and all property details.

What is ZipperAgent?

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Our platform combines the tools necessary for marketing automation, lead follow-up, and transaction management all in one place. ZipperAgent is designed to leverage you more time and make you more money.

Virtual To-Do List

Track Daily Activities Smoothly

Keep your to-do list on your phone with the ZipperAgent app. Complete tasks and move through your daily activities with our activity section in the mobile app. Just because you are away from your computer doesn’t mean you have to miss completing an important task.


We want our agents using the latest and best tools and we found that with ZipperAgent. ZipperAgent provides us the ability to advance the quality of our websites and presentation of our client’s properties.
- Jeff Owens / Big Hill, Better Homes & Gardens

Map Out Your Days

Easy to Use Calendar

Take a look at the week or month at a glance with the Calendar available in the app. Add new activities or edit existing ones from your phone as you are on the go. On your way to a meeting you can double check location information or any other details you saved in the event.

Find Properties Instantly

Property Search from the MLS

If you meet a prospective new client while out, show them properties they could buy right from your phone. Perform a property search with specific criteria that will show you a list of properties straight from the MLS.

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    Experience for free how you can grow your business using the power of an all-in-one marketing and sales platform.

      Request For A Free Trial

      Experience for free how you can grow your business using the power of an all-in-one marketing and sales platform.