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More Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

More Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

We can always use a few more marketing ideas. I got these two ideas from a local real estate broker.  The first one is all about appreciation, and the second is more about neighborhood expertise.  Both will establish a degree of reciprocity with your audience.

Marketing Idea #1

Create a gratitude list.  It would be best if you entitled it” X” things you are thankful for in 2020.  Replace ‘X” with the number of people for which you are grateful.  Now think of vendors, coworkers, clients, service providers, anyone you are grateful for and why.  For Example:

Eight Things I am Grateful for in 2020

    1. I am grateful for Depankar Neogi, CEO of ZipperAgent, for the leadership he provides to our company and his friendship throughout the year.


    1. I am grateful to Nimish Sanghi, CTO of ZipperAgent, for his advice and mentorship this year.


    1. I am grateful to John Trayner, Director of Sales at ZipperAgent, for his direction and personal friendship.


    1. I am grateful for Melissa Russo, Manager, Customer Success at ZipperAgent, for working with our customers to meet and exceed their expectations.


    1. I am grateful for Carole Williams for all she does here at ZipperAgent


    1. I am grateful to Kelsey Beaton for always hitting her deadlines and making my job easier.


    1. I am grateful for Nichole Auston. Her knowledge of marketing techniques and methods is a source I rely on daily.


    1. Above all, I am grateful for my wife; I am sure I would have gone crazy this year without her presence in my life.




Make sure to personalize each one, noting the person’s name and the specific quality you are grateful for.  This type of blog post can increase company morale, create reciprocity from clients and vendors, and promote goodwill overall.

Marketing Idea #2

The second idea is a Virtual Holiday Bazaar.  This local broker has an extensive Facebook group that has over 1600 active members. She usually uses this group to provide live interviews of interest to real estate agents, but she also leverages this as a recruiting tool. In December, she turned this into a virtual holiday bazaar to support small businesses struggling this year.


As she put it in an email to me, “There are so many small businesses struggling this year that our team has decided to do something new, different, and cool to support them. We are going to do a Virtual Holiday Bazaar this weekend on Saturday and Sunday! If you or someone you know has a small business that sells things that people might want to buy for holiday gift-giving, please click the link below to sign up. It’s super easy. The small business owner signs up for a 30-minute session, they join our Facebook group, and then at the allotted date/time, they make a post and do a Facebook LIVE about their product/services. The shop owner gets to tell us what best holiday gifts they have this year.  Above is an image to share on your social media and/or email to friends/clients/customers who might be interested in showcasing their business this weekend in our first annual Virtual Holiday Bazaar.”


She showcased about 20 local businesses over two days.  She also made sure to have a post with the names of the businesses that participated, links to their websites, and their videos if one is available.  Talk about a win-win.  She established a fair amount of reciprocity with this, highlighted the fact that she is a local expert, helped small businesses, and provided a valuable resource to members of the group.


Think of how you could use this idea in your own business.  Promote local restaurants, local service providers, vendors you do business with, or something else.


If you have any ideas you would like to share, or if this blog post has helped you, please leave a comment below or on our Google business page.


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5 Real Estate Agent Marketing Ideas for the Holidays


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