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Introducing the ZipperAgent CEO Success Series: How to Leverage Technology to Grow your Real Estate Business

Welcome to the inaugural post in ZipperAgent’s CEO Success Series! This regular series explores how technology is changing the real estate business and how top-notch agents can profit from these changes. 
I’m ZipperAgent’s CEO, Depankar Neogi. I have decades of experience in cutting edge technology and the ways it reshapes older business models. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and observations on the real estate industry with you! 

Chapter 1: Technology Gives You More Time for Value-Added Tasks

Hello, everyone.

What’s this series about?

Today’s consumers are savvy, and they have more options than ever before.

When it comes to marketing and selling, the same is true for a real estate agent. The number of ways a realtor can generate and qualify leads, market listings, hyper-personalize the sales experience, and grow their sphere of influence is unprecedented because of the internet.

That’s why I’m writing this  ‘How to Leverage Technology to Grow your Real Estate Business’ blog series. In this series I will outline the best practices of successful agents and offices, and what you can do to achieve similar success.

The series will be divided into the following categories with several real world examples to show you how to incorporate each topic into your business:

  • This Week—Introduction: Technology Gives You More Time for Value-Added Tasks
  • Lead Generation Strategy in Today’s Internet and Social Media World
  • Building your Brand in a Social and Mobile World
  • The Sales Funnel and How to Use It Efficiently
  • Follow-up Strategies so Good Leads Don’t Fall Through the Cracks
  • How to get More Appointments
  • How to Convert Appointments to Clients
  • How to Hyper Personalize your Selling Strategy
  • How to Convert New Leads to Closed Deals
  • How to Build an A-Team to Grow your Business
  • Best Practices in Referral and Network Marketing to Generate More Sales

How Technology Gives You More Time for Value-Added Tasks

We are in a technology age. As artificial intelligence and big data move into the mainstream, real estate professionals need to navigate the turbulence of changing conditions often and fast. My blog series will touch upon the many technology trends that will make you more money, if you take a courageous approach and adopt them early.


Consider Maverick and Shark-Tank owner Mark Cuban. He recently made the bold statement that the world’s first trillionaire will be someone working in artificial intelligence. He predicts that many manual tasks will be taken over by technology, while humans perform mostly value-added tasks.


So, think of the everyday tasks that you do – what is manual that you wish was taken care of by automation or a service? What tasks do you consider to be the value-added ones that bring in more revenue and deliver more customer satisfaction? These value-added tasks are the ones that close deals and win new clients. But they take time. To excel at them, you need to offload technology-based maintenance tasks like updating websites, writing blogs, and posting on social media to automated services. If a technology platform can be doing a task, you shouldn’t be.


Your technology should handle all your analytics, open rate analysis, and records about which contacts were involved in a campaign. These tasks are about record keeping and number crunching; when you use technology to take care of these tasks, you save more time for the value-added activities that cement client interest and trust.


Email analytics inside ZipperAgent.

Let’s take lead generation campaigns and landing pages as an example. To generate leads, you must run campaigns. In today’s digital age, snail mail campaigns end up mostly in recycle bin. They have to be complimented, if not replaced, by email or text messaging campaigns. These are much more effective because you can measure analytics on delivery, open, and click rates. This information lets you keep fine-tuning your campaigns to increase your Return-on-Investment (ROI).


Before you start any campaign, even if it is snail mail – you must have a landing page to capture leads. Landing pages can, and should, be used for all of your campaign needs. Even a snail mail campaign should direct leads back to a landing page that provides more information and captures their contact details. Never start a campaign without a landing page.


A ZipperAgent landing page.

The main goal of a landing page is to collect leads. It asks viewers to submit contact information in exchange for a piece of content like information about a listing, an eBook, or market report about their home. A successful landing page is also a great example of the difference between a value-added task and a task technology can automate. A powerful CRM should automatically import leads collected via a landing page and assign them to the appropriate follow-up campaign. This gives you the time to build lead generating content and follow-up materials that convince leads to work with you.


Building a real estate business is like building any other kind of businesses—with one important exception. You are the CEO of the business and sometimes the sole employee. You have limited time and limited resources to do the many of the things necessary for success. Therefore all your actions should highlight your value proposition: the unique value you bring to the table. show clients what differentiates you from other competing agents. In this market, you only have the advantage when you leverage technology efficiently.


Stay tuned to this blog to discover the best ways to build your business with modern technology.  



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