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The 5 Golden Rules of Real Estate Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is about building relationships and establishing trust. In a lead nurturing campaign, your two paramount goals should be to:

  • Create two-way conversation.
  • Ensure that leads’ expectations are met.

But how do you build a lead nurturing campaign that meets these goals? ZipperAgent’s 5 Golden Rules of Real Estate Lead Nurturing lay out basics.


1. Don’t promise what you can’t give. It might seem best to promise whatever a lead asks in order to get their sale, but that undermines the credibility of your business and sets you up to disappoint and disillusion your clients. Before you start a campaign, iron out what you do and do not offer. Explain why your offerings meet your leads’ needs, even if your services aren’t quite what they envisioned.


2. Every interaction with a lead should build them toward a sale. Take the goals of your initial lead nurturing activities just as seriously as that final conversation that closes the deal. Why are you sending your lead this email? What do you want to get out of this phone call? As a real estate agent, you’re selling both yourself and your services. Make sure each conversation you have with a lead highlights one or both of these things


3. Take your time building your strategy. By all means put something in place up front so that leads don’t slip away, but make sure you keep refining and revamping your first attempts at lead nurturing. If you check your email click rates six weeks after starting a drip campaign to find that no one opens your third email, it’s time to reconsider that piece of content. If your campaign isn’t converting people, something in it needs to change.


4. Content is King. If your content isn’t engaging, people will opt out of your lead nurturing campaigns as soon as you add them in. Not only will this lose you leads you’ve already captured, but it might also get harder to bring in new ones. For example, a lot of unsubscribes or spams can hurt the effectiveness of email campaigns. When deciding on content, consider what’s interested previous clients. There’s a good chance that the real estate information they found valuable will also pull in new people.


5. Measurement! How else are you going to learn what content is effective or what strategy leads find most compelling? Good record keeping and frequent measurement are the heart of effective lead nurturing. Since so much happens over email these days, “click through rate” and “unsubscribe rate” are two important metrics to track. If your unsubscribe rate climbs above 5%, it’s definitely time to re-think your campaign.


Follow these five rules and any lead nurturing campaign will be off to a great start.

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