Build a Lead Gen Plan that Really Works

Build a Lead Gen Plan that Really Works

Effective lead gen requires long-term planning. A comprehensive lead generation plan is crucial for growing your business. Without it, you risk not understanding these three central pieces of large-scale, revenue-producing lead gen:

  • Where do your leads find you?
  • How many leads do you covert into customers?
  • How can you automate and streamline your lead gen process?

A lead gen plan that answers these questions helps with all aspects of business growth, from bringing on more new clients to improving your follow up and creating lasting client relationships. This post lays out the most important pieces of a lead gen plan and how to build each part, so you can get started answering those three fundamental questions. So, what goes into a lead gen plan? 

A Breakdown of Clear, Measurable Goals. An effective goal must be measurable; you need to know when you’ve achieved it.

How to write a goal: “Get more leads” is not a measurable goal. Instead use specific language like “add ten new active clients this year” or “earn an additional $10,000.” Once you’ve crafted your goal, start breaking it down into steps. To reach your goal:

  • How many leads do you have to convert into clients?
  • How many transactions do you have to close?
  • How many new leads do you have to bring in?

Now you have clear numbers against which you can track your progress.
Measurement. You need to understand your conversion ratios: how many people you’ve reached, how many have expressed interest, and how many you’ve converted into clients.

Ways to measure traffic and conversion. Online tools like Google Analytics are crucial for understanding the reach of your website, but you’ll also need a way to sort and analyze data on your end: a first-rate CRM. Choose one that lets you include this information and refer back to it easily.

Progress Evaluations. Decide on a timeframe for achieving each goal and map in out on a calendar. Check in with yourself or your teammates when you reach those deadlines, and if you aren’t seeing the results you want, be prepared to adapt. An effective lead gen plan is not fixed in stone; it changes along with your business.

How to measure progress. Use those measurable goals you wrote! If your goal was to get 10 new leads every month, check once a week on how many you’ve found. To get the most information, you need to measure your goals often. Think of these measurement check-ins as bricks in a foundation; over time they add up to powerful information.

Repeatable, Automated, Activities. You need to work toward your goals and run your business at the same time. That means automating as much of your lead gen work as possible.

What kinds of activities can I automate? Drip campaigns, social media integration, reusable landing pages that capture contact information, and calls to action on your website are all activities that can be automated to save you time. Your tools—mass email services, social media profiles, and your CRM—should support your lead gen plan.

A Plan for the Whole Funnel. What happens to leads once you get them? Here’s something many agents forget: an effective lead gen plan extends all the way to a closed deal and beyond. It should integrate leads smoothly into your client nurturing plans. It’s shortsighted to write off new leads that don’t convert quickly. Add these leads to your newsletter campaigns or you social media platforms to nurture them over time.
If you build your lead gen plan around these recommendations of ours, you’ll create a lead gen plan that’s an investment in your business. It will help you reach your immediate goals and expand your contact network over time. Stay tuned to the ZipperAgent blog for more useful tips and advice.

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