Client Relationships that Convert Leads

Client Relationships that Convert Leads

Everyone will tell you that real estate is a business built on lasting relationships. But how do you build those relationships? This blog goes over four key strategies.

Don’t focus your relationships with clients just on winning sales. Build relationships based on respect, trust, and knowledge, and clients will come to see you as a resource and a partner—meaning they will use your services again and again and refer you to others.

  • Communicate! Before, during, and after a transition. Current clients like to know what’s going on, even if it’s just a brief phone call or regular email. Continued contact with previous clients keeps you top-of-mind and continues to build your reputation. Focus your communications with former clients on two topics:
    • Personal touches: home anniversary cards, season’s greetings cards, and a “thank you for working with me” gift that clients can continue to use are all good way of reminding
    • Useful information: prove yourself to still be a valuable market resource 10 or 15 years after your last transaction, and former clients are much more likely to think of you when they need an agent.


  • Be Honest. Transactions encounter hiccups. Sometimes you’re not the right agent for a job. Deals can fall through. In all these cases, your first instinct might be to sugarcoat the facts for your clients to protect them from disappointment or dissatisfaction. Don’t. This just sets you up for awkward explanations and possible accusations later on. When hard conversations come up, have them, and you’ll build a reputation for straight-talking and centering clients’ best interests.


  • Get Active in Your Community. Nothing builds trust in your reliability—and useful community connects—like showing up. If you can contribute to a couple of local charities or programs, and then highlight them on your website. Volunteer for community activities, and greet people that you know. This isn’t about getting looking for clients; it’s about getting your name out there as a valuable, committed community member. Be visible, but don’t oversell yourself.


  • Respect Everyone’s Time. No matter who you’re working with—a client, a vendor, a colleague—take their time and efforts seriously. Don’t be late. Don’t run meetings overtime. Thank them for the time they’ve shared with you. This makes others feel valued and respected, which will raise you in their esteem.


You need to think of your clients as more than just revenue sources. If you want to impress your clients and make them remember you fondly for years to come, treat them as whole people.

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