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7 Routines of the Most Successful Real Estate Agents

These 7 routines of the most successful real estate agents is not a list of silver bullets or a secret path to success. This is a list of common traits and actions often found in the most successful real estate agents.  There will always be exceptions to the rules but these are the norms.


Real estate agents are often type “A” people.  They are the go-getters’ whos organize their daily lives in a series of steps designed to move forward towards a goal.  To-do lists and calendars are something they cannot live without. Time management is a significant concern for them.  They are not the type of people to forget a birthday or forget a lunch date.  As a rule, if it is not in the calendar, it just doesn’t happen.


Far beyond listening attentively and asking open-ended questions, they communicate effectively. They use several layers of communication skills to achieve this.

They follow-up by returning phone calls, emails, and messages quickly.  They are available to customers and clients via the communication channel that the client chooses.  That may be WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Instagram, text messages, or some other communication form. To these agents, no one way is better.  They are available in all those channels and, above all, respond quickly.

They produce effective messages for multiple audiences; they know how to persuade listeners and can read between the lines.


They consult rather than sell.  These real estate agents play the long game.  Their goal is to develop a relationship with the client.  Rather than selling to, they are working with customers.

The difference between a consultant and a salesperson may seem subtle, but it boils down to this.  Salespeople tend to focus on the immediate Consultants are focus on relationships and advice that can mean return business and referrals


They are familiar with the tools of their trade and have become skilled at them. They use a CRM effectively. They are often first adopters of the latest and greatest versions of the technology relevant to real estate


These agents understand that today’s buyers and sellers are more likely to look to social media than hunt for lawn signs.  They reach out to engage people using a variety of platforms.

Not long-ago videos of real estate were uncommon.  Now video walk-throughs and 360-degree tours are expected by many clients.

The top agents know what and when to posts on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook,  Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms.  They optimize their content on YouTube to engage more prospects. They reap the rewards of their efforts.

They understand that knowledge is power and that content is king. They actively maintain a blog that is regularly updated with content of value to customers and prospects.  These agents update their websites every few years to keep in stride with trends.

6. Network, Network, Network

Every successful agent is an expert people person. They’re engaging, confident, and extroverted. They don’t ignore a past client or someone they just met. They know that everyone they meet is a potential catalyst for potential clients.  These real estate agents acknowledge that everyone knows people that might be a future client.

Successful real estate agents do not ignore people that are not in the market right now.  Life is a series of changes; people have children, spouses divorce, people move for various reasons.  Success real estate agents are prepared to help these people when the need or desire arises.

Highly successful agents know that their network can produce reviews and testimonials, which are like gold on social media.


Most real estate agents have a niche.  They might specialize in new home buyers, downsizers, a geographic area, or the type of property they sell. Often these niches overlap.  The one commonality that customers care about is neighborhood knowledge.

Successful agents are knowledgeable about schools, employment opportunities, nightlife, how bikeable and walkable a neighborhood is.  They have in-depth knowledge of tax rates, zoning regulations, market values of homes, and more.

Do this sound like you?

If you are reading this and you keep thinking, “That sounds like me.”, congratulations you have may have found your dream career

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