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Facebook Business Pages: Why Real Estate Agents Need Them

Facebook has a lot to offer your real estate business, but to gather those benefits—to generate leads from Facebook—you need to have the right kind of profile. You need a business page that’s separate from your personal one.

You might have heard that business Facebook pages are waste of time for real estate agents. That complaint usually comes from agents who aren’t using Facebook correctly. Before we can talk about why an agent needs a business page, let’s go over what makes Facebook valuable to agents in the first place.

How Does Facebook Help Real Estate Agents?

Facebook should bring new leads into your database. Many agents make the mistake of approaching Facebook like they’re celebrities trying to build a fan base. They only share photos, and they focus on getting likes or engaging other users in the comments section. But think about it: how will a fan base build your business? Real estate agents build their businesses on one personalized, detailed transaction at a time, not by selling hundreds of online fans on a one-time purchase. That means bringing leads into your database where you have the resources to truly incorporate them into your sphere of influence.

So, yes, if your Facebook strategy focuses on getting likes and increasing your fan base, you might think a business page is useless; you probably aren’t converting very many of those likes into leads or clients. Instead think of your Facebook page as an inbound marketing platform—i.e. a platform that promotes useful content and pulls leads into your CRM, where you can start them on long-term nurturing programs. Use Facebook to drive leads back to your website or other landing pages where you can capture their contact information and start reaching out personally.

But, some agents will say, I can drive leads to my website from a personal page. That’s true, but it’s an opinion that misses Facebook’s true online marketing potential.

Why Do I Need a Business Page?

In a sentence: a Facebook business page gives you support and resources you can’t get from a personal page.

  1. You get access to data through Facebook Insights. When someone likes your business page, Facebook itself starts treating them as your lead not your social acquaintance. The Facebook Insights tool lets you analyze useful statistics about who has seen your post or interacted with it. This valuable statistical information helps you understand what kinds of leads are finding you on Facebook and what sort of content interests them.
  2. You get better access to advertising. Facebook ads target leads more effectively than promoted posts because you can make sure they’re seen by people with matching interests. By looking at Facebook Insights, you can gather useful statistical data on what your leads are looking at, which will help you pick the choose how best to target your ads.
  3. You can cultivate community connections as a business person and expert. Here’s a secret: Just because it’s called a business page, doesn’t mean it’s tone can’t be personalized and friendly. A successful real estate business is built on trust and personal connections. A business page actually helps you build those connections because it establishes a difference between your personal and business personas. It focuses viewers on the expertise and services you contribute to the community.

In Summary:

A business page improves your ability to run inbound marketing on Facebook by giving you better access to advertising options and Facebook’s user data.

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