Leverage IDX Website to Boost Your Real Estate Business

The focus of every real estate business is to attract potential clients to their real estate site and keep them browsing it. Do you know what is the best real estate tool to enable so?

IDX, or Internet Data Exchange.

IDX-integrated websites are preliminary for real estate agents today. You simply can’t imagine a responsive, functional website without it.

But what is an IDX website? The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) defines IDX as a set of policies, software, and standards of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that allows real estate agents participating in their local MLS to share information online. In simple terms, it exchanges consent between real estate agents to display each other’s property listing on the internet.

In this blog, let’s explore the top benefits of IDX integration to your real estate website.

5 Benefits of IDX Website for Real Estate Businesses

1. Market Yourself Online

It’s no secret that gaining leads and turning them into a successfully closed deal is a challenging task. An IDX website integration can help you solve this challenge.

IDX integration helps you create crawlable pages for each listing, which could include all of the listings in your MLS. So, the more listings you have, the higher the pages Google will index. It increases content on your site, resulting in attracting more potential customers.

2. Captures Real Estate Leads

Let’s imagine the scenario if you do not have IDX integration on your real estate website.

In this internet-oriented age, almost all home buyers start their home search journey online, 97% of all homebuyers, to estimate according to NAR. When these browsers visit your real estate website, they will be shown listings. But when they click on it, they will be redirected to a third-party website.

But if you have an IDX website, there will be no integration into a third-party website. Visitors can explore all the home listings on your website. If they’re interested in any listing, they can reach out to you to inquire.

Furthermore, you can create lead capture forms that the visitors must complete to get access to view your listings. This way, you can add clients to your database for continued follow-up and conversion opportunities. Or implement a CRM strategy combined with automated email or text follow-up.

3. Maintains an Updated Feed

If you have an IDX website, your listing feed gets updated automatically within a short period of time. This way, your website always has the most recent and in-demand listings on your website. It encourages clients to return time and time again to check the most updated listings.

Another benefit of an IDX website is you do not have to invest time or effort into updating your listing feed. Since it’s an automatic process, it requires very little effort on the agent’s side. Moreover, you can focus your time and effort on building deeper connections with your leads.

4. Boost Brand Awareness and Market Standing

You have a strong SEO game and have listed your website among the top search engine rankings. Or your social media game holds the fort and translates a part of followers into website visitors. Either way, your real estate website gets visitors. But if a visitor scrolls through your website and finds a limited number of outdated listings, they will abandon your website and go to your competitor’s website.

This is the scenario when you don’t have IDX integration.

But in the case of IDX integration, a visitor can explore the updated listings, which gives prospects a reason to stay on your website for a more extended period. This way, they remember your brand, resulting in increased brand awareness. Moreover, this time provides you the opportunity to collect crucial information about the visitor.

5. Social Media Integration

Research by the New York Times shows that out of people who start their journey online, 99% are millennials and 90% are baby boomers. No wonder 77% of real estate agents are using social media for real estate marketing. If you want to boost your social media efforts, an IDX website can help you.

You can’t underestimate the power of social media in today’s digital arena. With the help of the IDX website, your social media presence strengthens even more. You can integrate social media on your IDX website and maintain a connection with your real estate leads. It also provides social share buttons on the website that allow visitors to share your content to their different social media accounts.


The benefits of the IDX website for real estate agents are plentiful in today’s real estate market. If you want to succeed in a competitive business, you need to leverage the above-stated advantages.

However, the bigger question is how to evaluate different sites to find a provider that meets your needs. ZipperAgent can be of help here.

We’re an advanced real estate marketing tool providing platforms that offer fully-featured IDX websites for real estate brokers and agents. Book a demo with our experts today.

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