How Can Trigger-Based Automated Marketing Boost Your Real Estate Business?

In the last few decades, real estate marketing has evolved, and how! The age of promoting new listings on flyers and billboards, cold-calling leads, and newspaper ads is long gone.

Today, it’s all about marketing automation — one in which you have to make marketing efforts online. It includes blogging, email, social media, and more.

If you haven’t used automated marketing for your real estate business, this benefit guide shall work as a push for you.

5 Benefits of Automated Marketing for Your Real Estate Business

1. Helps Capture Leads

When a lead approaches your IDX site, social media, or landing page, your goal should be to have that person’s information within seconds. How to do so?

Well, rule number one is to ensure the visitor has to provide at least their name and email before performing more than two searches. If possible, you should get the phone number so you can initiate SMS marketing as well.

Once you have the visitor information, it’s time to convert it into a lead, capture it, and manage it. Automated marketing software can help you do it all.

Start by placing a series of lead magnets. These actions that your customers perform allow you to follow up with them. One of the most popular ways is to send a friendly introduction email. It should include the agent’s contact information, logo, and team or business info, along with a call-to-action. Not only automated marketing software will help you with it but also send follow-ups.

2. Schedule Appointments and Send Reminders

Several reports suggest that customers expect a response from a business within minutes. So, whether a lead is reaching out to you to set up showings or a customer wants to schedule an inquiry call, you can’t keep them waiting for a reply.

But what else do you do? If you try to be prompt for every customer, you’d probably end up being on call around the clock to set up showings.

Real estate automation software can come to your rescue here. Using the tool, you can sync your calendar with it to schedule 24/7 without lifting a finger. No more time wasted on back and forth of appointments! Instead, you can focus on relationship-building with customers and closing incoming leads.

There’s more to marketing automation. You can have confirmation and follow-up emails sent out to you to reduce no-shows and confusion. So, you won’t miss out on leads and probable sales. The software will also notify you of the actions of visitors.

3. Segment Your Real Estate Customers Effectively

Using an automated marketing tool, you can tag your customers by their category so that they automatically receive emails relevant to their status.


Well, a real estate agent has multiple clients. All of them have multiple needs. Now you want to treat each of them differently in the sales/marketing funnel. You need to personalize your strategies as per the different needs and pain points of customers.

For example, some buyers want a house with a pool, while others have a locality priority. Some sellers want to list their homes immediately, while others have a specific date.

To ensure your clients don’t get several months out from transactions, segment them. Furthermore, place them in a time-frame-based, relevant nurture drip to maintain that agent and client connection.

4. Use Trigger-Based Email Marketing and Drip Campaigns

Do you know that 94% of real estate agents prefer to communicate with customers via email? It’s a private, personal, and trusted space.

So, once you have captured leads and segmented them, you can automate the process of email marketing to your potential customers. Creating a trigger-based and drip email marketing campaign is the best way to go about it. It includes sending ten or so emails over a few weeks, depending on the schedule or their actions.

It helps customers keep your properties and brand in their mind. Also, it will encourage them to follow up on their initial interest. Gradually, the leads are likely to warm up with your brand and reach out to you.

5. Boost Social Media Engagement

You most likely use social media to post pictures of new properties or advertise upcoming real estate deals and events. While all of this is vital, remember that it’s just one part of social media marketing. If you wish to leverage the full potential of social media platforms, engage in real-time communication with your customer base.

Marketing automation can help you here. Automation software can help create social media posts and schedule them to post for a few weeks. Since it’s batch post creation and posting now, you save time.

Moreover, the software will provide you with information on the level of engagement with each post. It even alerts you when a post gains great engagement so you can get involved in the conversation around it.

Automation is a key part of real estate marketing now. As real estate agents, you get a number of potential leads every day. Following up on every lead in an organized way is impossible without a little automated help.

So, if you want agile real estate marketing software, ZipperAgent can help you. Our software is designed to leverage you more time and make you more money.

Book a demo with our real estate marketing experts today to learn how our platform can expand your business.

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