How Does an IDX Website Drive More Business in Real Estate?

If you want to search for a property on sale in your local area, what do you do? Our best bet is you’ll go online and search for ‘property on sale near me.

Let us break it to you – your audience is doing the same.

If you want to direct those searchers to your website, updated and accurate real estate listings are needed on your site. That’s where IDX integrations come into the picture.

An IDX can cover 99% of MLS listings with the most accurate and up-to-date property information. Once set up, it requires minimal effort from the agent’s side.

In this blog, let’s go through the must-know benefits of IDX websites for your real estate business.

Benefits of IDX Integration for Your Real Estate Business

1. Creates Real Estate Profiles and Listings

An IDX website helps you establish a connection between the MLS and your website. You can import real estate listings and display them on your website.


Well, real estate brokers supply property listings to the MLS database in exchange for a cooperating agent to introduce a potential buyer. Once listings are available in the MLS, IDX establishes a connection between MLS and real estate websites. It permits real estate agents to display exclusive listings by other MLS participants on their websites.

The consumers can then search for listings on your website within their search areas. The best part about the whole arrangement is that these listings keep updating on your website depending on your IDX settings to pull in new listings and remove outdated ones.

2. Captures Real Estate Leads

Driving as many leads as possible must be one of your top priorities as a real estate agent. An IDX integration helps you do so.

“But I already made a real estate website to attract real estate leads.”

Yes, but it’s not enough. Your real estate website is your business’s social proof and helps you get discovered by those who look for property listings online. But it’s not without the IDX integration that they can reach out to you to inquire about and view the listings on your website.

Furthermore, if you want to enhance your lead conversion opportunities, create lead capture forms. Prospective clients must fill out those forms to gain access to view your listings. You can add the details to your database and use it for follow-ups and other marketing strategies.

3. Tracks and Stores Visitors’ Information

When visitors come to your website and search for listings, the IDX website collects valuable information on those website visitors. You can track data like the search area, price ranges, and properties they are looking at. Leverage that information to deploy online or offline marketing in the top neighborhoods within the specific price points.

Also, the IDX integration helps you generate more website traffic. It turns your website into a resource for visitors to return to and share listings with others. One of the many ways to do so is that you can implement a social sharing option on your IDX website. It enables visitors to share the listings from your webpage on their social media, increasing your brand’s reach.

4. Enhances Visitors’ Engagement

As per an article by Entrepreneur, between 70 and 96 percent of your website visitors will never return once they leave after the initial browsing session.

You see, it’s tough competition out there. So how do you compete?

Well, the easiest way to increase your chances of generating conversions is by getting the website visitors to stick around on your URL. The longer they stay on your website, the greater the chance of them converting.

So, the challenge now is to give clients a reason to stay on your website for a longer time. Its additional benefit is the longer they stay, the more lead information you get to capture for marketing purposes.

The IDX integration provides a solution by providing an abundance of listings for your clients to search compared to competitors without the feed. Furthermore, its dynamic neighborhood search options allow prospective clients to search by particular areas, like the school district or favorite neighborhoods.

It provides more interactive functions like an interactive map, allowing clients to visualize their prospective homes within an area and see where exactly it’s located. The clients can also save their favorite properties under their personal profile — it gives them another reason to return to your site.

5. An SEO-Friendly Enhanced Reach

Since IDX websites are beneficial to users, search engines prioritize them over websites with no IDX integration. Google indexes the IDX listings, providing more leads for agents and benefits for the website.

As stated above, the social media buttons on the real estate listings encourage website visitors to share them on their social media. It helps the business generate backlinks and drive more organic traffic to the website. Moreover, agents get the opportunity to tap into an unexplored market or reach a cold audience.

Today, no real estate website should be imagined without IDX integration. However, not all IDX software is the same. Some offer more functionalities than others.


If you need to integrate or upgrade your real estate IDX integration, ZipperAgent can help you. Our fully-featured real estate website can empower you to generate more positive results for your business.

Book a demo with our real estate website experts today to discuss your project.

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