Tips for a Great Open House

7 Tips for Running a Great Open House

What does it take to run a good open house? Here are seven tips ranging from the essential to the innovative for an open house that brings in leads.

1. Create A Property Blog Post or Website.

Buyers often visit three or four open houses in a day, so you need to make sure your property stands out in their memory. Giving them an easy-to-access website or blog with property information and pictures will keep your listing fresh in their minds. Give each visitor a simple flyer with a QR code or short URL so they can review property information after they leave. Property websites are also a great way to market the listing online, just add a contact form to capture interested viewers.

2. Don’t Forget the Neighborhood Advertising.

It is important to drum up interest for your open house online, but the people living around the property will not know about the event unless you tell them. Why do you want to advertise locally, if no one is interested in moving just a few blocks. Two reasons. First, local open house signs are not just for neighbors. Deplore them strategically, and make sure that a couple are visible on major roads. Secondly, these signs are an investment in your network. Neighbors might know people thinking of moving, and they definitely now know you are a knowledgeable local agent.

3. Clean Out the Closets.

Cleaning out the closets prior to the open house removes a number of issues. It makes the closets feel larger, which increases the appeal of houses with limited space. It also gives the current owners a chance to secure their valuables as necessary.

4. Keep All Doors Open.

During an open house you never want a closed door between you and a guest. You also do not want to give any guests the opportunity to make a mess, particularly in bathrooms. Keep a clear line of sight on as many rooms as possible as a precautionary measure, and if possible work the open house in teams.

5. Try a Virtual Tour.

Since you will be advertising your open house widely online, make it available to people who are not in the area. This is a particularly good strategy if you are marketing the property to out of town buyers, perhaps because it is a vacation home or suitable for commuters currently living closer to a city.

6. Make Sure the Property Is Inviting.

Even if you’re showing a condo or apartment where you have little control over the outside appearance, make sure the inside is friendly and bright. Turn on all the lights and open the curtains. If certain areas are particularly dark, consider bringing extra light fixtures with you. No corner of the house should feel uninviting.

7. Consider an Agents-Only Open House.

Think about it. These are the people who are going to suggest properties to their clients; they should know about yours. Build a list of every agent who has recently sold a house in the area and the local buyer’s agents, and invite them to a special open house with music and light refreshments. If possible call them personally. Events like these leave lasting positive impressions with your colleagues.


And one tip for afterwards…

Make sure you have a strong, automated follow-up campaign.

Everyone who visits an open house is a potential buyer, so don’t waste their contact information. Ask for their email addresses during the open house (and offer them something small in exchange), then add them to two drip campaigns: a short one with follow-up information on that property and others like it, and a long-term one—like your newsletter—designed to keep you top-of-mind for years to come.

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