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Three Foundational Techniques to Build Your Real Estate Brand

Think of one of the most successful agents in your market right now. What comes to mind? Maybe their logo or certain colors, images, or words. These are all part of their brand—the personalized, highly recognizable persona they use in their marketing, because a strong brand increases client loyalty.

How do you build your Real Estate brand?

1. Differentiate Yourself and Your Services

Think about what you’ve done to make yourself unique. Do you specialize in a certain kind of property or a certain group of clients? Learn the details of that group’s needs, and remind leads that you know them. Think about how you can add this brand information into your promotional materials. Maybe include information on average commute times in all your listings or give out maps pre-marked with supermarket locations or school districts.

A lot of agents, particularly new ones, are tempted to reach for every opportunity they see, even if it doesn’t fit well with their expertise or business goals. But agents who work steadily to build a narrow, rich area of focus have greater long-term success because they’ve built their brand and with it a loyal base of repeat clients and referrals.

Your Goal: When people thing of your slice of the market, they should think of you.

2. Build an Online Presence that’s Eye-Catching and Unique

In today’s market, you need an online brand that resonates with consumers. This has three facets: your website, your social media presence, and your online communication.

Your website should be bright, clear, and easy to use. Make sure it has the information a lead is looking for: your business history, your contact information, and what sets you apart. Write a two or three sentence mission statement and make sure it’s one of the first things visitors to your website see. Remember that an amateur-looking website implies an amateur and unprofessional agent.
Social Media is all about building relationships. Consider it a form of indirect advertising. By posting useful content about your market and engaging people in the comments, you’ll build a reputation as a reliable, local source. Many agents misuse social media because they assume it’s for advertising their business. It’s not. It’s for advertising their personal brand.
Online communication is key for millennial buyers—a rapidly growing section of the market. They expect to reach professionals on Facebook, Twitter, and especially over email.  You need to optimize both your website and your social media accounts for online conversations. Make it easy to connect with you and post content that encourages readers to respond.

Your Goal: An online presence that makes people it easy for people to reach out—and makes them want to.

3. Create and Use Your Talking Points

Some agents shy away from talking points, worrying that they are too stilted or artificial. They don’t have to be. As an agent, you need to quickly convince leads that you’re the best fit, and that means you have to know your pitch.
To write good talking points, start from a place of sincerity.

  • Why are you in this business?
  • What do you like about it?
  • What do you do for clients that no one else does?

Write down your answers and practice saying them out loud. Make sure they feel like true reflections of your business practices.

Your Goal: Figure out the five things you want every conversation partner to know about you, and get comfortable explaining them.
Brand building is about being consistent and authentic on a large scale. Select the most compelling pieces of your business and personality and hone your strategies for sharing them with the public. Follow these three tips to build your brand’s foundation!

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