4 Social Media Tips All Agents Should Know

“Social media doesn’t bring in new qualified leads.” “It’s time consuming and overrated.” “I don’t even know what to post!”

Excuses like these prevent real estate agents from maintaining active social media accounts. But clients regularly check agents’ profiles to assess their skills and community knowledge. If your profile isn’t up-to-date and active, YOU ARE LOSING LEADS.

So what kinds of posts will bring in leads? Keep reading for four crucial posting tips and one hint about how to do it all faster and easier.


Tip 1: Post about Your Area

Because of its wide reach and personal feel, social media is a great place to show clients how much you know about your area. Look for posts that will generate buzz or interest locals. And don’t worry about always writing these posts yourself; sharing posts from local news sources, businesses, or organizations is easier for you and demonstrates knowledge of and investment in the area’s institutions. Make yourself into a resource for local content and users will be glad to see your name pop up in their feed.

Local posts are also a great chance to show off your real estate expertise. What’s happening in the local market? What do homebuyers need to know about local weather patterns? Give users a reason to visit your page and don’t lose sight of your unique message.

Goal: Post local content with a real estate twist to showcase your local knowledge and real estate expertise.

Tip 2: Highlight Your Positive Impact

Show your followers how much you’ve helped your clients. Testimonials are a great place to start. Post on social media each time you add a new testimonial to your website or receive a stellar online review. To transform your testimonials into optimal social media content, make each one into an image with your contact information and logo. Images are easier to see and share on social media. Posting your reviews in this format means they’ll get more traction.

For an even greater impact, ask previous clients if you can profile them on your pages. There’s nothing like a personal story to convince unsure leads of your reliability and talent. Ask to take pictures or videos of clients in their new homes. Explain—or better yet—ask them to explain the solutions you found for their specific challenges and needs.

Goal: Create content that proves to you’re a dedicated and helpful agent.

Tip 3: Interact With Users

Social media is anything but passive, so if you want to make an impression you have to interact with other users. Comment on, share, and like content from other businesses and local pages to show active presence in the online community. Take few minutes and engage with people online every day, including going through your comments, likes, and mentions to see who is interested in your work. You’d be surprised how many people connect simply by liking or retweeting something, so it’s okay to boost related content from your professional accounts. If you get a new follower, say thanks in a private message. These tactics will increase traffic to your social media pages and give you an informal way to follow up with potential leads.

Contests are also a great way to bring visitors to your page. Ask visitors to share a real estate listing or a photo of their favorite spot in their house in order to enter the contest. Try to partner with local businesses for the prize; this will boost their profile as well as your own and build valuable connections within the community.

Goal: Get readers to interact with your profile, not just skim.


 Tip 4: Highlight Infographics and Pictures

Infographics are an excellent tool for presenting complex data in a compelling visual way. They’re also are wildly popular and are much more likely to be widely shared. If you’re struggling to think up a theme, consider about questions you commonly get from clients. If many people have asked you, something there’s a good chance potential leads are wondering about it too. It’s essential that the layout and design are as eye-catching as possible, so do a little research on colors combinations and easy-to-read fonts before starting. And you don’t need fancy software either; there are plenty of online inexpensive and free tools online to help you out.

Write blogs on anything related to real estate and create galleries on social media. Always include photos in your updates, not just text and links. Photos are becoming the ‘universal language’. Articles with images get 94% more total views. 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image shows up in local search results.

Goal: Add picture-based content to increase posts’ views and reach.

Now you know how to post great content, but you might still be worried about how much time social media can take. That’s where our hint comes in.


Hint: Marketing Automation

To effectively expand your social media presence, you need to post at least once a day; that can be too big a time commitment for a busy agent. Fortunately, you don’t have to make each post yourself. Invest in high quality marketing automation software and streamline repetitive tasks like posting on social media and sending mass emails by delegating them to a computer.

A lot of companies offer various social media automation services, but only one combines automated social media posting with mass email features and built-in analytics trackers: ZipperAgent. This single easy-to-use portal centralizes the tools you need to know your business inside and out and gives you everything you need to close the gap between you and your clients. It organizes tasks, auto populates clients’ media social data, and helps you analyze your email analytics. What to learn more about ZipperAgent’s automation features? Pick a time to talk and we’ll tell you all about them.

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