The 6 biggest fears of any Real Estate Agent

There’s no such thing as a fearless real estate agent.

Alex Kearney, top producing agent and team leader with King Realty, openly discusses that he’s been kept awake by his fears. He fears bad transactions, bad decisions, and disappointing customers and investors. Even so, Kearney loves his fears. Why? “Because they make me a better agent and entrepreneur,” he writes. “Every one of my biggest fears drives me to ensure that I never have to see them come true.”

The real estate business can create anxiety in even the most experienced agents. From the fear of a transaction going wrong to worries that open house attendance will be low, we outline some of the most common concerns that plague agents, along with some tips for overcoming stress, anxiety, and self-doubt.

And Real Estate Agent fears are best handled like Kearney: Acknowledge that they could happen, then work to ensure that they never do.

Here are six of the fears that all Real Estate Agents may encounter in their careers.

Cold Outreach:

Some real estate agents are natural in connecting with people, while others experience anxiety every time they have to make a cold call. Such nervousness can make the agent, less confident or cold to prospective clients. Over time though, practice will make it much easier, and you will be comfortable with cold outreach. Until then, you can reduce uncertainty by developing a script that includes everything you can offer your clients while inviting prospects to explain what their current and future needs may be and practicing it until it sounds natural. If you encounter an unexpected question, remember to alter your script, so you will have a response ready if a similar issue arises again. ZipperAgent provides many scripts that real estate agents can use out-of-the-box. Click here to view the full list

Fear of Rejection:

The possibility of rejection can terrify many real estate agents and cause them to turn away from great deals. This is not how a fearless real estate agent should act. No one wants to hear they don’t have the right experience or good enough. But, it’s important to recognize that in business, rejections can happen for many different reasons that may have little to do with you or your abilities. No agent converts every single prospect into a client. Try to remember that it’s business and not personal. Do your best to improve your overall average by working on skills and perfecting your pitch, then let nature take its own course to become a fearless real estate agent. To have long-term success in the real estate business, you must accept that rejection is an inevitable part of the job.

Low Attendance at Open Houses:

Almost every agent in the industry has experienced sparsely attended open houses at some point in their career. Sometimes it occurs due to factors beyond your control, such as weather. In other instances, it’s due to a lack of planning. You can reduce the risk of low attendance at your open houses by looking your listing’s GPS location up and then placing many directional signs in strategic areas that get the most traffic. You can use social media to send out open house invites to your connections. It would help if you also considered enticing neighbors and curious onlookers by offering complimentary food and beverages. Even if they have no intention of buying, a large number of people will make the property seem more appealing to serious buyers. Click here to see different digital marketing options at your fingertips.

Unfair Social Review:

These days, one unsatisfied client can cause damage to an agent’s reputation by posting negative reviews on online platforms like Google or Yelp. Unfortunately, not every experience is always positive, no matter how hard you try. Even if you provide attentive, expert service to every client, you will inevitably encounter someone who cannot be pleased. If you do get a bad review, always address it with the person directly to see if you can rectify the issue. Stay calm, and always fight back irrational and emotional behavior with poise and positivity. If you can’t solve their issue, accept the situation and move on. If you cannot get the negative review brought down, you can always post your rebuttal or encourage your happy customer to post their reviews to help offset it. Use a video marketing solution like ZipperHQ to engage more personally with your clients.

Too Little Time:

To succeed in real estate, as an agent, you have to make yourself available when clients need you. Unfortunately, this can make it hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Many agents worry that they will have to choose between a successful career and a happy family life. If you worry about being too busy, take steps to improve your time management. You can also employ proactive strategies like start building a team so responsibilities can be shared, and using systems like ZipperAgent to automate most of your follow-up tasks.

Fear of Failing: 

For better or worse, failure is part of life—everyone fails, on matters small and large. The best CEOs face the potential of failure head-on. As author James Clear writes, the only absolute failure is not taking action.

But fear of failure is pernicious because it often robs people of their will to act. Forbes’s research across industries has shown that fear of failure leads to a lack of risks, often a more significant reason for executives not reaching their potential than failing.

Failure is a part of growth; it’s going to happen. Don’t be scared of it because if you hold back, you aren’t going to get to the places that give you new skills and new experiences. This will help you become the fearless real estate agent you want to be.

No successful real estate agents had an easy ride to the top. It probably took years to learn and perfect their skills. Therefore, you need to realize that success in a real estate career will not happen overnight. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to work for your success as a real estate agent!

Simply put – “FAILURE is a Stepping Stone to SUCCESS!” – Tony Robbins (@TonyRobbins)

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