Importance of Workflow Management for a Real Estate Website

If you’re a real estate agent, you know how effort-consuming the industry is. It is a mixed bag of processes: documentation, property management, prospecting, lead generation, client management, etc. Managing all these responsibilities at once can take a toll on real estate agencies.

The most common solution many real estate agents adopt to streamline their operations is to hire more people. After all, sufficient people on staff can help you manage the workflow. However, once your real estate business takes off and the scale of your account grows, manual management becomes challenging.

Real estate workflow management comes to the rescue in such cases! 61% of real estate agencies have adopted an automation solution.


It’s because workflow management helps a real estate business with the maintenance of the careful balance between income-producing jobs and administrative jobs. Alongside this, it can eliminate chaos and thus enhance your team’s efficiency.

In this final part of must-have tool integrations for a real estate website, we help you learn how to leverage workflow or transaction automation to manage your real estate business effectively.

What is Real Estate Workflow Management Software?

You have a solid plan for your next real estate project. But its execution might not be as smooth as you planned. Maybe an agent follows a long road of confusion as they start working or miss out on phone calls, leaving leads on the table.

A reliable real estate workflow management software helps you get operations sorted. It replaces manual and paper-based processes with digital tools and software. All agents find their processes connected through a single work platform that integrates with real estate business controls and operations.

The software ensures standardization of work for a real estate agency. As a result, there are preset business rules, reduced errors and deviation, and clear visibility & accountability at every step of an automated process.

Must-Know Benefits of Workflow Management in Real Estate

1. Reduces Errors

Executing a project with zero errors would be a dream come true. Yet, anyone who has spent enough time in the real estate industry knows operating without absolutely no mistakes is impossible. However, workflow management can help reduce errors. Furthermore, it can help you adopt proactive strategies that allow you to set errors right within time or stop them from happening at all.

With workflow management in place, your organization’s system highlights the errors to all the agents. If you cannot stop the error, you will at least know the problem and prevent it from happening the next time.

2. Smoother Workflow Within Teams

Workflow automation tools make it easier for agents to communicate internally. It accounts for more productivity and allows transparency by tackling both team and task management efficiently.

Once you set the project milestones and the hierarchy of the agents in the workflow management system, it can delegate by assigning automated tasks against the lead due date for your team. The agents will also receive reminders & escalations on delays. You can also store notes and information on leads for better data hand-off from one agent to another.

3. Elimination of Redundant Tasks

Do you know that office workers spend an average of 69 days per year on mundane tasks? Imagine the number of hours a team can invest in other productive tasks. It not only saves time and energy but also money, as a study suggests repetitive tasks can cost $5 trillion a year globally.

Workflow automation software changes this. In workflow systems, there are predefined business tasks. For example, if a new lead comes, it automatically triggers an alert for the assigned agent. It even sends a reminder to follow up or reassign the client management activities to a senior agent. Such processes save time and ensure a streamlined workflow.

4. Easy Multitasking

Your agents are the heart and soul of the real estate business. They are often bombarded with several responsibilities. When several business functions happen under one roof, it may lead to chaos, confusion, and errors.

So if your team is onboarding multiple real estate agents, managing client requests, running internal surveys, raising marketing content requests, and approving property documents, workflow automation can neatly organize all these jobs.

5. Seamless Transaction Coordination

There are various stages in a real estate transaction. From administrative duties to client conversion to closing the contract, several duties are involved. A workflow automation software can handle them for you –

      • Arranges the SMS and emails for quick follow-up
      • Automated replies
      • Customer categorization
      • Lead scoring
      • Lead prioritization
      • Managing the documentation
      • Post-closing follow-up

Since workflow automation software takes care of these administrative and marketing tasks, you get more time at hand to focus on future sales.

Ensure your processes are not chaotic or out of sync. An organized real estate system helps you and your team be better at your jobs, i.e., converting leads into clients and raising revenue.

If you need immediate help, Zipper Agent can be of service. Our workflow software integration is easy-to-use and takes care of modern real estate needs. Book a demo with our agents today to learn more.

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