The Law of Reciprocity: Relationship Management in Real Estate

The Law of Reciprocity: Relationship Management in Real Estate

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Real Estate is all about Relationship Management

“You may be the best darn lawyer or banker in the entire United States. But if I question your ethics or otherwise don’t trust you, I’m not going to work with you — even if I think you may save/make me money. Life is about more than money. It’s about people.”  Drew Meyers – Founder of Geek Estate Blog.

To take a lead, convert that lead to a customer, and build a relationship with them they need to get to know you to like you and trust you. To build and maintain that relationship is what a CRM, like ZipperAgent is all about. So where do we start?

So where do we start?

Do you feel compelled to do something for people who have done something nice for you? Of course you do.

Its human nature, one of the building blocks of society is called The Law of Reciprocity.

 As a real estate agent there are right ways and wrong ways to use the law of reciprocity to your advantage.

The Right Way

Forget trying to get the sale; focus instead on building trust and rapport. Remember you want your contact to like and trust you.  So if you show them your intent is honorable and the information you provide is credible, they will begin to like and trust you.  Just be friendly, honest and helpful.  Free give aways that any bloggers use every day are an effective means to do this.

Give a contact something of legitimate value with no expectation of getting anything in return and you can accomplish several things.

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