How do you keep up?

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Ready to be part of the 10% closing 90% part of the sales?

I have a confession to make.  I cannot stand waiting in line to order coffee.  If just irritates me.  I seldom do it.  I will look into a coffee shop from the sidewalk and if there is a line I will just go somewhere else. The coffee shop, is there, I want what they have, but they are not meeting my needs.  A quick response to my desire for coffee.

To convert a lead, to make them a client willing to sell or buy their home through you they have to know you, like you, and trust you.  Thy will get to know you through talking with you.  If you answer their questions, meet their needs, give them what they need, and build rapport with them they will like you and eventually trust you.

You must be ready, willing, and able to help them.  You demonstrate that you are ready, willing, and able by following up with them.  Just simply by calling them three times you have already demonstrated that you more interested in working with them than most agents.

So how do you keep up?

Agents making more than $100,000 are more than twice as likely to use a Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) as agents making less the $35,000.

You get a lead and try to contact them contact them. When should you call them next? When did you call them last? What was the last e-mail or text you sent them?  Now multiple this by 5, 10 or 20 new leads a day that may need to be contacted 12 times to convert them to a client.

You also may have former clients, attorneys, loan officers, and people in your sphere of influence to call. Closings, inspections and meetings to attend.  If you are not using a CRM to call you are not using your time as wisely as you could, you are probably missing follow ups and that means you are making as much money as you could.

Now not all CRM are created equal.  Some are cumbersome to use, some are built for managers and not real estate agents.  Some just don’t work well for real estate agents.  That’s why we developed

A CRM for Real Estate Agents developed by Real Estate Agents

Build better relationships.

Close more Deals.

Make more money.

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