Delivering Value

Delivering Value

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Delivering Value

Giving a contact something of legitimate value with no expectation of getting anything in return and you can accomplish several things.

If the material or help you’re giving away is of high quality, you’re establishing yourself as a person of credibility – someone who knows what they’re talking about.

You’re demonstrating empathy by showing the recipient that you understand they’re looking for answers.

You understand that they need help – and you’re someone who’s willing to give it to them.

You’re showing that your intent is not just to get into their wallets – but to sincerely help.

If you follow this approach you are establishing yourself as a sincere, honest and giving person – someone the contact will like and trust.  This makes the process of a contact choosing to build and maintain a relationship with you so much easier.

A few words of Caution

A few words of caution.  If you use this only as a tactic it will appear to be phony and you will drive people away.  If you cannot empathize with a contact then saying you do or acting like you do is being hypocritical.  If people think you only see them as a commission they will run away from you.  If you are not really ready, willing, and able to help them pretending to be will only hurt your reputation and relationship with them.

I had a couple a few years back that needed to rent an apartment within a certain price range that was somewhat unrealistic for the area I work in.  I tried to help them, I advised them of the market conditions, showed them several apartments, but ultimately they rented directly from a landlord in a different area of the metropolitan area.  I was very willing to help them, I understood their needs, I gave them my time, knowledge and advice but in the end could not help them so I never got that commission.

In February of 2016 that same couple, whom I had kept in touch with via e-mail, approached me looking to buy a home.  They had acted on advice in drip campaigns I had sent to them.  They had done their research, been pre-approved, knew how much they could afford, what services they wanted in a neighborhood and the features they wanted in a home.  In June of 2016 they closed on a single family, have moved in and are loving it.  They even wrote a recommendation for me on Zillow.  Oh yeah and the commission on the $365,000 home sure beat that commission I lost on the rental deal

As you can see this works.

Give a contact something of legitimate value with no expectation of getting anything in return and you can accomplish several things.

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