25 Best Ways to Generate Leads in Real Estate at Zero Cost

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If you do a Google Search looking for “The best ways to generate leads in real estate at zero cost,” or some similar wording, you will most likely see that the top results are for paid lead generation services.  Many of these services can and do provide you with valuable leads. But,  I want to assure you that there are still many highly effective tactics you can use to generate leads in real estate or zero cost.  These tactics have been proven to work by countless agents, anytime and anyplace in the world. So here are the top 25 best ways to generate leads at zero cost.


I know a large number of real estate agents doing very well in real estate whose entire business is based on referrals.

Agent to Agent referral systems. Make it a priority to know agents that work in a niche, area, town, or state that you do not. Referring a customer to someone that is a better fit to help them may be the best service that you can provide. Never stop networking:


    • Network
      • – in your office
      • – at real estate agent events
      • – at Continuing education events
      • – when attending Franchise events
      • – with agents on the other side of deals you have
      • – through websites like ActiveRain.com or similar sites

Sphere of Influence referrals. These are pure gold.  Just remember to get them your sphere of influence has to know you, like you and trust you.  Nurture this group of people.

Past Client referrals

Vendor referrals – Always remember this is a two-way street. Do not expect to get referrals from people that you never give any referrals.o.


  • Mortgage loan originators
  • Divorce attorneys.
  • Bank foreclosure attorneys
  • Estate attorneys

Always follow up with prospects that did not turn into leads and leads that did not turn into clients. Give them something of value. Instead of assuming they rejected you and your services, interpret their lack of responsiveness as a not now, instead of a not ever.

Arrange with your professional service providers to host a buyer housewarming or a seller farewell party for the neighbors.

After 5 PM events


  • By volunteering at charity, fundraiser, or community event, you get better known in the community, and you will meet people with similar interests and goals.
  • Attend networking events like the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary International, or similar groups.
  • Go to community calendar events where you can meet and interact with people from the community.
  • Sign up for a class in a subject that interests you. You will meet people with similar interests from the community.
  • Find a club or meet people in your area through websites like https://www.meetup.com/

Go to garage sales or even better offer to help people with their garage sales.



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