Keeping your contacts organized

Keeping your contacts organized is one of the most important aspects of using ZipperAgent; keeping up with your contacts will also help you to stay on top of your business. ZipperAgent makes it easy to keep contacts organized with its efficient filtering, categorizing, and tagging features.

The philosophy behind ZipperAgent is to encourage our users to import and manage all of the contacts from all spheres of influence in our platform. Our dynamic filtering then allows you to see only the contacts you want to see at any given time.

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Filtering enables you to pull up contacts by name or email, or you can also sort by custom criteria like status, industry, or tag. Finding the right contact lists quickly and efficiently allows you to keep your contacts all in one place and quickly access the contacts you are looking for within ZipperAgent.

To go further, we will break down how the different ways of filtering are applied. We offer three different out-of-the-box ways to segment your contacts.

The first is by status. Think of status as your pipeline view for active buyers, sellers, and renters who are currently working with you. By using the different status options like “Hot Lead,” “Contacted,” or “Closed,” you can quickly see where clients are in the pipeline.

Next is Category. Where status applies to your active clients, the category applies to all contacts that enter the system. It tells you who that contact is to you. As mentioned before, since ZipperAgent encourages you to enter all your contacts into one place category becomes an important way to differentiate who that contact is and how you do business with them. The category includes things like “Buyer,” “Past Buyer,” “Agent,” “Contractor,” and more.

Last is Tags. Tags offer another more individualized ability to layer in information about the contact within our system. If you think of Status and Category as very straightforward information about the contact, then think of tags as sticky note snippets of information about the contact that you can use to individualize that segment of contacts. For example, maybe you create city “Tags”. Here is a good example: You could put the contact in the status of “Hot Lead.” Next, you add the Category of “Buyer,” and lastly, you know this buyer is looking only in the city of “Boston” (which is a tag you have created.” So, in that case, you would put them in the “Boston” tag. Now the next time you see a property that has just come to Market in Boston, you can quickly filter your contact by Hot Leads/Buyer/Boston and see only those contacts within ZipperAgent.

With the ZipperAgent platform, it is a snap to manage all your contacts in one place easily and quickly. For more information, reach out to us or schedule a demo!

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