Why you Need to Use THIS Smart Assistant for Your Real Estate Business 

Improve Your Efficiency in the Field with this Easy Addition to Your Toolkit


In the last few years, we have all become familiar with the “smart” features on our devices. 


“Alexa, set a pasta timer for 15 mins.” 


“Hey, Siri. Get directions to the mall.”  


This trend has been one that many people have found really useful in increasing their efficiency when personal completing tasks. In fact, this “trend” has now become a normal way of life and even a necessity. 


This is the future. Smart devices are only getting smarter and better at helping. 


But why should these features just be relegated to your personal life, what about your professional one?


Yes, you can use Siri to add an event to your calendar on your iPhone, but is that integrated with the rest of your business?


Own the Future Tech


When you are out in the field or with a customer, it can often be awkward to sit there scrolling through old messages or loading a web browser trying to find the information that you need. 


Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a “Siri” for real estate agents? One that understood what the agent is asking and able to provide an answer quickly and efficiently?


Enter, stage left, HeyZipper.


HeyZipper is ZipperAgent’s response to this tech gap. ZipperAgent has made an intuitive smartphone app that will allow you to complete everyday business tasks from anywhere.


Anyone in this industry can use it from the brokers to the individuals on your team and it a serious game-changer for your business.


Use this smart assistant to stay jump on new leads, pull information on the fly about properties straight from your MLS or even communicate via email or text to your client and team. 


And that is just scratching the surface of its capabilities

Life Before HeyZipper 


So, let’s look at a real example of how HeyZipper can help.


Let’s say you’re out in the field, driving from one property to another and you receive a call from a client. They are in a time crunch and need you to put together listings matching their criteria and set up some showings for them… for next weekend. 


Traditionally, you would need to pull over, grab your laptop and balance it on the center console while trying to connect your computer to your phone’s hotspot. Once connected you would log into the MLS, conduct your search, generate a hot sheet and compose an email to your client with the requested info. 


But wait… what was the client’s email address again? Ugh. 


You would log into your CRM, get the address and send the hot sheet. 


Now for the second part, setting up the call. Back to the MLS to look up the listing agent’s contact info, then call them to set up a showing. 


And now you are late to the appointment that you were on your way to. 


All of these steps are time consuming (not to mention a hassle) to complete from your car. 


The Real Application Value of HeyZipper 


Now let’s walk through that same scenario but with our HeyZipper smart assistant:


You pull out your mobile phone and open the HeyZipper app on the phone with a simple voice command. You tell HeyZipper to search for properties with the specific criteria, send the hot property listing to client, then call the listing agent to set up a showing. The best part, it only took about 10 seconds and you didn’t have to miss a beat (or be late for your appointment).


HeyZipper is totally integrated with your professional business and designed to make your life a little easier while out in the field.


Get a demo of HeyZipper today to test it out for yourself!

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      Experience for free how you can grow your business using the power of an all-in-one marketing and sales platform.