Why Use Marketing Automation in a Hot Real Estate Market

Why Use Marketing Automation in a Hot Real Estate Market?

The real estate industry has a history of being reluctant to adopt technologies. The same was true for marketing automation before 2020. However, the Covid-19 pandemic was a grim reminder of why investing in automation software could be worth it.

Reimagining real estate operations have become essential. The pandemic certainly forced most real estate agents out of the cocoon of traditional operating techniques. But today’s ever-changing digital world necessitates the use of technology. 97% of home buyers begin their search online — so your digital presence has to provide the real estate experience consumers expect today. As customer expectations are increasing and attention spans are decreasing, you must work smarter rather than longer. That’s where marketing automation comes into play.

Real estate marketing automation ensures that no lead remains untouched. It keeps you top of mind of customers throughout the entire home buying and selling journey.

In this blog, let’s learn how marketing automation does the heavy lifting for you when the real estate market is hot.

Marketing Automation in a Hot Market Presents More Leads!

1. Lead Identification and Segmentation

The process of a real estate transaction is long — it may range from a week to a couple of months. There is no way to tell who is ready to buy immediately.

It may not pose a problem when the real estate market is sluggish, as you can entertain all sorts of leads. However, you won’t and can’t have the same approach when the real estate market is hot. You need to identify the hot leads and prioritize them to leverage the positives in the market. A marketing automation software can help you do so.

It helps you determine the nature of a lead by assessing the way people interact with your content, be it through your website, digital ads, or social media channels. The software scores the leads based on how many actions they’ve completed.

For example, a prospect viewing a listing three times is far more qualified than someone who only sees it once. Or users who open your emails are more receptive to exploring opportunities than others.

Real estate automation also allows you to segment and filter these leads based on requirements. You can route them geographically by zip code or property specification or refer your higher-priced leads to the senior agents.

2. Improved Lead Management

You run an ad campaign on various social media channels for a brand-new property listing. Two days later, you find your email flooded with responses from interested prospects. Congratulations, your campaign is a success! It’s attracting attention and gathering leads. But your agents are too busy to follow up with each one. They are stuck in the never-ending loop of submitting contracts on time, updating the information of leads in the database, and reconnecting with existing customers. As a result, your business fails to leverage the leads served to you on a platter and loses them to rival real estate agencies.

An agile marketing automation software allows you to capture all these leads. You see, just collecting leads is not enough. You need to nurture them so that they pass through your sales funnel. It involves –

  • Reaching out to interested prospects at the right time.
  • Directing prospects towards material that educates them further about products. It could be your blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, or other content.
  • Personalized follow-ups to nudge them into the right decision.

The automated process allows you to nurture every lead even when the leads are pouring in from every direction.

3. Database Management with Improved Workflows

As a real estate broker, you have to deal with long lists of tasks and checklists every day. It becomes a struggle to stay on top of all those while providing the highest quality customer experience.

With a marketing automation system, you adopt a standardized workflow. It keeps your database organized and updated with all the latest information and creates automated tasks and checklists. With a centralized database having all information in one place, you no longer have to worry about working on every process manually.

For example, if you recognize a new hot lead – the software will send the email and assign an agent. It will then set reminders for follow-ups based on the prospect’s intent. Or you have a newly added listing – your past customers who might be interested will be notified.

To sum up, automation will take care of marketing decisions without requiring manual assistance.


The real estate industry is ripe for leveraging automation to enhance business revenue. It reduces your overall workload and effectively manages various marketing and sales activities. With its help, you can focus on your other decision-making responsibilities.

Gain the right balance between your operations and technology with ZipperAgent. We combine the tools necessary for your business and personalize them as per your needs. Talk to our experts at 1-800-350-3695 and expand your business.

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