Can Marketing Automation help in cold real estate markets

Can Marketing Automation help in cold markets, when things slow down?

Ask any real estate agent their biggest challenges, and they’ll have a lot of repeated answers. The high cost of capturing leads, the competition, the infusion of technology — the list continues.

The high-traffic season in the real estate market leaves no room for agents to tackle these situations. You’re too busy, up to the neck with inquiries and leads flooding in. However, the market loves waves. So, when the cold market hits, you can catch up on solving these challenges.

Nevertheless, much of your work as a real estate agent falls under routine sales and marketing activities. It’s time-consuming and takes your attention away from more significant tasks. So, to help manage these activities, use marketing automation software.

84% of marketers use marketing automation to achieve their top priorities. The question is, how do you use it for real estate when the market is in a dry spell?

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The Necessity of Marketing Automation in Cold Markets

1. Increase Social Media Engagement

In real estate, millennials prefer to use social media for finding information, contacting realtors, and reading testimonials. With today’s technology, even older generations browse social media platforms to meet their real estate needs. Evidently, social media marketing is a requirement 365 days a year.

However, the usability of social media increases when your agents are not solely focused on sales. The cold market provides an opportunity to boost your marketing efforts rapidly. Now, as per a 2017 report, 82% of realtors use social media. But only a few have time to effectively engage with their target audience. A marketing automation software can help you here.

The most basic use of social media is posting pictures of new properties, advertising upcoming events, and sharing pieces of content that prospects may find valuable. Using software, you can automatically upload a series of social media posts at specific intervals by scheduling them. The same software also provides you with the engagement insights of the posts. Such information helps you make informed future decisions.

Marketing automation can also help you with social media ad generation. For example, if you automate the generation of Facebook ads by linking the tool to your listing website, it will create a targeted advert for it. It can also generate marketing reports based on performance, saving you time.

2. Effective Real Estate Email Marketing

Despite its public nature, email inboxes are still private, personal spaces. As a result, emails are more likely to be trusted than other forms of communication. No wonder 66% of realtors were focused on improving email campaigns in 2021.

One of the use cases is by sharing blog posts or other updates via email – which you can also automate – you can maximize their performance. Another benefit of marketing automation is personalized outreach through emails.

The probability of converting a prospect increase when you provide them with exactly what they want. Email drip campaigns can help you with that. As soon as a lead magnet is triggered, you can set up an automated drip campaign for your potential customers. It will send out a series of emails over a few days, weeks, or even months.

As a result, your properties will remain in the minds of your customers. Furthermore, it can motivate them to pursue their initial interest.

3. Reduction in Paperwork and Costs

As mentioned in the beginning, one of the struggles a real estate agent faces is dealing with repetitive tasks. It throws the firm into a sea of paperwork. Cold markets give you time to sort the paperwork. However, if you let marketing automation handle it, you can spend that time converting warm leads into hot ones.

Be it agreements, contracts, or any other official documents, automation software not only tracks them but allows you to share documents with other parties. The streamlined process can reduce costly errors.

Another way automation saves money is by eliminating the need for outsourcing. If you do not want your staff to be buried in paperwork and routine tasks, you have to outsource these tasks. While it improves the efficiency of your real estate firm, it also hammers your budget and drives up the cost. Automation software handles these tasks in-house while generating repeat business and attracting new customers.


Following up with every routine, marketing, and sales task can seem impossible without automated help. Marketing automation can help real estate agencies achieve better marketing outcomes, yet many agencies are still hesitant to implement it. The most common reason is they don’t know how to do it.

If you want to reap the benefits of real estate marketing automation, reach out to ZipperAgent. We’re a leading real estate marketing and sales solution offering the most-effective automation tools.

Connect with our team at 1-800-350-3695, and we’ll help you get started.

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