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5 Real Authentic Marketing Strategies

5 Real Authentic Marketing Strategies


What do we mean when we say real authentic? Well, 9 out of 10 people trust the social proof they get from a friend when selecting a local business. Why do you think that is? It is because of its real authentic origin.  People are almost bombarded continuously today with advertisements on Facebook, YouTube, Billboards, Television, Twitter, Instagram, online games, the list goes on and on. The recommendations of friends cuts through the confusion like a hot knife cuts butter.

It is no secret that marketers are spending more and more time online trying to build relationships with potential customers. The figure below is only the tip of the iceberg.  Notice what is left out.

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As marketers, we hear all too frequently from the gurus of social media that we need to post blogs frequently and consistently, and we need to engage on social media.  I will admit I have made those same recommendations myself.  But it is time for a reality check.  In practice, real estate agents and other small businesses are often busy with other things that demand their attention.

Trying to be active on Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Yelp, YouTube, and more is next to impossible for most businesses that do not employ a marketing team.  Is it any wonder that 70% of Facebook pages are currently inactive?  I know I have two Facebook pages that have been inactive for years.  You and I have both read those stories where leads pour in from social media.  I do not know about you, but my professional training focused more on verbal communication than writing.

So what is a small business owner or a real estate agent to do?  The five strategies that follow have helped me, and they may help you as well.


Five Strategies


Use your energy to promote real authenticity where it counts


Many businesses generate the majority of their online customers from a limited number of channels.  If you know that your online customers are coming from 1 or 2 medias, then dedicate the time and money you spend online on those channels and optimize them. The tracks vary by location, customer demographics, industry, and other factors.  For a restaurant, an excellent review on Yelp may be critical. For a real estate agent, it might be YouTube, Facebook, or something else.

Fads come and go.  Don’t get distracted by them.  Focusing on the basics will give you better returns.  Please keep it simple.  If you find a lot of your prospects are on LinkedIn, by all means, focus on LinkedIn. If you engage with a majority of your customers on Instagram,  then your focus should be there. First, Look to find out where people find you, then make it easier for them to find you there and engage with you on that channel. Which channels produce your best customers? Focus your time and energy there.

Create Ambassadors for Real Authenticity

Everyone is on social media every day, with the possible exception of my wife.  Since they are online, and you want more online presence, why not encourage your customers, employees, and colleagues to promote your business? Give people the raw materials, and pictures that are ideal. You will empower them to comment on the picture of the company outing, the seminar they attended, or the picture in front of their new home.  The more people are talking about your brand, the more social proof you build.


Share your why


Today the reason behind what you do is often more critical than what you do. Take the company ChalkflyThey give five percent of all their sales to teachers and students.  When you buy from them, you know that your money is going to a worthwhile cause and not just to stockholders.  My neighborhood is one of the more socially active in the city of Boston. Your local real estate broker advertised that they gave 10% of their income to local charities.  They were very successful and were eventually acquired by another agency.  What inspires you and your business?


Taking the Heat is Authentic


There are going to be times when things go haywire.  Customers will not always say nice things about you.  People will point out negative things about you, your business, or something that has been done or sold. When this happens, it is the right time to put some content on your website and social media.  Do not criticize, do not blame others. Be as authentic as possible. Doing so may turn a problem into an opportunity.  Say a seller complains that the sales price of a home you sold for them was lower than other agents had promised.  Now would be the time to write a market overview.  Showcase your expertise. People in the United States love a comeback.  You get knocked down but you get up again.  People will be rooting for you.


Feel the power of online reviews


The one free for all, the anonymity of the internet, is moving to required logins. As this progression continues, personalized recommendations and reviews are presenting themselves to you as an indispensable and unique opportunity.  Did you know that “79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations” (source)? Do you want to grow your business? Then get your customer to their stories of working with you.



Keep it Simple S_____!  That is the essence of these strategies.  They are powerful yet simple.  Most do not require considerable time or money commitments.  They certainly go along with your core business objectives of keeping the customer happy.

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