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Capture Client Attention in January

Get a Head Start in January to a great 2017 for Real Estate Sales

As the holidays approach and the winter gets a bit colder, your future home buyers will be busy entertaining their families and spreading cheer. Capturing client attention is hard around this time. Once the holidays are over and winter has run its course, spring will set in. And spring is the peak season for home buying.

To make the most of spring 2017, realtors can engage with new and old clients as early as January. According to the National Association of Realtors, Millennial home buyers are expected to revolutionize the market in 2017. More of them them are expected enter their 30s and settle into the post-recession economy.

Lucy Grossmith

Source: Lucy Grossmith

Capture client attention this January. You can meet new, younger home buyers head on with a strong social media presence. Focus to win them over on their favorite social media channels. To retain previous clients, realtors can keep them engaged using several options. Send them important news by email newsletters, mailing them a personalized card, or an good old-fashioned phone call.

The prospects for 2017 are a moderate but steadily growing housing market and a move by homebuyers from the traditional suburban-style sprawls of the ‘90s to denser areas with multiple housing styles. While these are not massive shifts in the industry, realtors who stay on top of trends such as these are bound to be successful in the coming year.

ZipperAgent has big plans for 2017 as well.

Like you, we have high hopes for 2017. Since we began our adventure at ZipperAgent, we’ve learned so much from the feedback we’ve received from our customers about the hardships they face in dealing with fragmented systems and broken tools.

We developed our new all-in-one solution to help realtors solve their customer relationship challenges so they can do all of their work effectively in a single space. We want our customers to be able to deliver outstanding service to their clients, and we still strive every day to help them make that a reality.  By bring all these systems into one unified platform, you get better visibility to your sphere of influence. And also across all activities over longer period of time. This helps build relationship for life with your clients. With ZipperAgent you will be ready to capture your client’s attention once you settle into January.

We hope you and your loved ones have a happy and restful holiday season, followed by a wonderful year in 2017.



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