4 Top Home Selling Tips You Need to Know

Of course there’s not just one secret to being a top-producing agent, but these top home selling tips are a big piece of top agents’ success. Gathered from top agents in the industry, here are four simple but crucial tips for any real estate agent selling homes.

1. Price the Home Correctly

This is one of the biggest home selling tips. Top-producing agents say it again and again: don’t let your clients overprice their home. If the home is overpriced, the quality of your other marketing tactics do not matter. The best cutting-edge online presence and the best salesmanship won’t sell a home that is priced too high for the current market. Selling a home is about selling to the competition; you need to convince buyers that this property is the best choice out of all their options. An over-the-top price tag will shoot all your other efforts in the foot.

That means helping your clients to take the emotion out of the home-selling experience. Clients lean toward overpricing homes because their homes matter to them; they are thinking about the property’s emotional value, not its market value. Encourage your clients to think of the home-selling process solely as a business transaction. What will attract a well-qualified, competitive buyer?

2. Convince Clients to Perform Necessary Repairs

Continuing with home selling tips focused around the economics of a sale, keep in mind that the physical condition of  a home is crucial to a high price. Buyers are purchasing a place to live; they expect it to be in good condition. In a tough real estate market, it’s the homes that need work that suffer during negotiation. Even if it feels expensive up front, performing those repairs will earn your sellers more money at closing.

If your sellers are resistant to these repairs, encourage them to think about the situation from the point of view of a buyer. Would they want to buy a home that needs significant repair work? Would they buy it at full price?

To make your sellers’ lives a little easier, compile a list of local contractors, plumbers, electricians, and other service providers who you trust. See if any of them are open to a special deal; you’ll refer clients to them, and they’ll offer your clients a reduced rate or other discount. This boosts both your businesses.

3. Help Clients Remember Their End Goal

Selling (or buying) a home is a long and complex process at the best of times. As the outside expert and hired professional, it’s your job to keep your clients focused on their end goal: selling their home. Help them move past the small–and not so small–problems.

A major tactic to keep your sellers focused is to keep them up-to-date on the process and transaction timeline. First, this helps keep clients patient because they understand what you are doing. Second, it reminds them that a sale is the end goal.

Also keep an eye out for one of the biggest things to derail a sale: sellers who dislike their buyers. It’s your job to gently remind sellers that they only deal with buyers for a short amount of time, and that their emotional connections to a home don’t translate into market value.

4.   Make Sure You’re A Good Match for the Clients

It may seem counter-intuitive to ever turn away business, but real estate is a field where the personal relationship between an agent and their clients counts for a lot. This isn’t a blanket recommendation to turn down any potential client that annoys or confuses you. Working in real estate means handling all sorts of complicated interpersonal interactions with grace and professionalism. But if you notice major red flags in your initial consultation or you feel the clients’ goals don’t match your business model or talents, be honest. Sellers need to work with agents that fit their needs. If you’re not that agent, don’t try to be.

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