ZipperAgent vs. Placester

Placester is a high volume website company where the user is given a choice of a few template themes. The user has to do most of the website building themselves, including content creation. ZipperAgent on the other hand will gather your content and build the website for you. We work with the real estate agent to create the site quickly with their personal branding. The ZipperAgent service also includes blog posting to the website and on social media.

The Placester CRM is primarily a contact capture system. There is no auto-capture, conversational tracker, activities follow-up or social media information. There are no easy way to add notes and stages of the buyer/seller. There are no tranactional workflow associated with the deals you may be working on. There are no easy-to-use marketing capabilities with the CRM except for drip campaigns. ZipperAgent is an all-in-one platform.

Never Miss A Lead

Lead Management

With ZipperAgent you can manage your entire sphere of influence in one place. Leads are the most important part of your real estate business. We have created technology to keep you on top of them so you never miss out on another opportunity.

Check out our:

Lead Routing
Automatic Follow Up
Contact Segmentation

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Excel In Follow Up

Lead Nurturing

Follow up is crucial. Once you get new leads, you want to ensure they are hearing from you as often as possible. ZipperAgent provides you with a few different ways of doing so. You can set it and forget it. You don’t have to worry about composing a new email each day or setting reminders to reach out. We do it for you.

Check out our:

Drip Campaigns
Property Alerts

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Social Proof

IDX Website

ZipperAgent will provide you with an IDX website full of search capabilities and lead capture. Visitors will be able to search your entire MLS, take a look at your listing, and create profiles that will save all of this information. Your online presence is crucial and we want to make sure you have a great website to add to it.

Check out our:

Landing Pages
Lead Capture
Visitor Tracking & Analytics

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Brand Yourself


With the systems we have put in place, marketing to your leads – both new and old – has never been easier. With premade templates, as well as drag and drop builders, you can easily compose campaigns for all sorts of events. We are not going to limit you. Cover all your bases with both Email and SMS marketing.

Check out our:

Email Campaign Builder
SMS Campaigns
Drip Campaigns

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Step by Step

Transaction Management

Gone are the days where you need two systems to do marketing and manage your transactions. Zipper Agent’s robust Transaction Management tool allows you to enter in all data on a transaction, build out a workflow, and automatically follow up. We give you the ability to create a step by step guide for any transaction that comes your way.

Check out our:

Email Templates

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For Everyone

Team and Business

You need a CRM that is going to benefit not only you but your entire team. We pride ourselves here at ZipperAgent on allowing you to accomplish that. Set up the CRM with specific hierarchy and privacy settings based on partners or position in the team. Seamlessly work together on leads.

Check out our:

Admin Settings
Sharing Contacts

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Don’t Break The Bank


We know price is a pain point. We wanted to create a system that is all in one, yet still affordable to the everyday agent. We want to help you make money, not take it all away for using our platform. We have created different plans to choose from so you can pick what is best for you and your budget.

Check out our:

Plans and Pricing
Annual vs Monthly Option
Volume Discount

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All In One

Full Integration

This is an all in one system. If you are currently working out of 4 different platforms to run your business, we are talking to you. We have designed ZipperAgent to incorporate any system you may need into one. Do get leads from outside sources? No problem. Want emails that you send from our system to look like they’re coming from gmail? Easy. Log into one system each morning and forget the rest.

Check out our:

Lead Forwarding
Email Integration
E-signature Capability

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Why Agents Choose Us?

What our Customers Say

At ZipperAgent, we strive to bring our clients business to the next level

" ZipperAgent is very easy to learn and use. It helps keep me organized by tracking all my contacts, leads, listings, appointments, and daily tasks.

- Brian Edwards / Keller Williams Realty

" We work with buyers and sellers that expect the highest level of service from us. ZipperAgent’s system allows us to achieve that next level of quality and performance.

- Jack Cotton / Sotheby’s International Realty

" We felt ZipperAgent above other solutions we reviewed would allow us to scale the business while improving our operations and the quality of our services.

- Darin Milbrath / Dakota Plains Realty

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    Experience for free how you can grow your business using the power of an all-in-one marketing and sales platform.

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      Experience for free how you can grow your business using the power of an all-in-one marketing and sales platform.