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ZipperAgent includes all the CRM tools a Real Estate Broker and Agent needs to manage their Opportunities, Contacts, Properties, Activities, Emails and Documents.

Different record types in ZipperAgent

Opportunity: When you start the sales process for a contact or a property, you can create an opportunity to track the work and status of the process. You can link the opportunity to the contact and also with the property record. Since you might have multiple sales for one contact/property over time, it’s very possible that you will eventually have multiple opportunities linked to a single contact/property. Use ZipperAgent to track sales efforts and progress in opportunities from the lead stage all the way through to the closed deal. In ZipperAgent you will deal with two types of Opportunities a) Buying Opportunities or b) Selling Opportunities.

Contacts: Contacts are at the centre of any CRM. Your contacts can include your prospects, customers, partners, contractors—any individual that is connected to your business. ZipperAgent behind the scene updates the publicly available data of the contacts from various sources, so that your contacts never get stale.

Property: The property record allows you to maintain a continuous record of all properties which you have had as an Opportunity previously. The property record contains details that are relevant to that property which will not change over time. The information which is stored there is by default fairly minimal. You can track vital details such as address, and size. ZipperAgent behind the scene updates the publicly available data of the property from various sources, so that you have to do minimal data entry.

Adding, Searching, Viewing and Editing Records

Adding new record

From any page in ZipperAgent, you can add records by selecting add new plus button followed by the record (Contact, Account, Opportunity, Activity) you want to add. If you are already in the Home Page of the record which you want to add, you can always do so by selecting the createnew button conveniently located on the top right corner of all the Home Pages of all the records.

Searching for records

The Global “Search All” box accessible from every page, lets you find matching records throughout ZipperAgent. If you want to restrict your search within a particular record type, you can do that as well from Global Search by clicking on a specific record type.

The Search Result page displays the result, clearly marking the different record types with different icons. You can navigate to the record details from the Search Result page by clicking on the name, subject or description of the record.

You can also use the Search field above each List page to find matches only within the record you are viewing; for example, to find a Contact on the Contact’s List page.

Viewing recent records

In ZipperAgent to jump to something you’ve recently been viewing, click the plus in the top navigation aid. Once you start working with records, ZipperAgent remembers the last ten items you’ve viewed and displays them in this list.

Viewing records

To view records i.e. Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts, Properties, Activities in ZipperAgent you need to navigate to the corresponding Home Page by using the navigation aid located at the top of the page. When you login to ZipperAgent, the Opportunity Home Page will be displayed by default. You always have the option of using the Global Search, available in the top navigation aid, to search and navigate to any records directly from the Search Result page.

You can view the details of a particular record by clicking on the Name of the record from the corresponding record Home Page. For example, if you want to see the detail of an Opportunity, you need to click on the Name of that Opportunity from the Opportunity Home Page. In ZipperAgent, the detail information of a record is visible in a separate window while keeping you connected to the Home page. You can easily select a different record from the Home Page and the corresponding Detail information is visible in the detail window. The detail information is organized in separate tabs within the detail page.

Most of the records within ZipperAgent like Opportunities, Contact, and Accounts will have additional records associated with them. For example, a Buyer Opportunity will have Properties, Emails, Notes, Activities, and Documents associated with it. To get the 360 degree view of the Buyer Opportunity and also to manage the Opportunity more efficiently in ZipperAgent the user needs to click on the More . At any point in time the user can navigate back to the Home Page by clicking on the cancel icon available at the top right corner of the details page Cross.

Editing a record

When you’re viewing a record, you can change visible information by clicking the Edit button.

Once you have finished editing the record you can save the information by using the Save button. At any point in time you can go back to the details page from the edit page by using the Cancel or Cross button.

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    Experience for free how you can grow your business using the power of an all-in-one marketing and sales platform.

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      Experience for free how you can grow your business using the power of an all-in-one marketing and sales platform.