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Lead Center

Lead Center

ZipperAgent delivers extensive lead management capabilities including importing, analyzing, qualifying, prioritizing, routing and sending instant notifications about leads. Leads can be imported from your IDX site, landing pages, social media marketing, outbound campaigns and well over 25 additional lead sources including Zillow,,, Trulia, Agentology and many more.

Upon importing leads into the system, ZipperAgent runs sophisticated analytics based on a variety of parameters and then further qualifies the lead using its powerful social media insights, gathering extensive information from virtually every social media source.

ZipperAgent provides multi-source routing of that lead based on a variety of methods including round robin, price, zip code and others. Leads are then instantly delivered across multiple channels to their appropriate owners via Text, Email, Push Notification and In-App notification. Leads can be re-assigned if needed. You can take action on leads immediately through the mobile application or web application.

Communications Center

Create and manage contacts, and follow-up flawlessly so you can spend more time on deals and not on data entry. ZipperAgent provides you the ability to:

  • See pending and upcoming tasks and appointments
  • Easily obtain your assigned leads and actions
  • Manage contacts effectively including filtering
  • Sync your calendar for appointment management
  • Review details and send emails seamlessly from one place

ZipperAgent provides you a complete solution for all of your communications needs including:

  • 2-Way Email synch with Gmail and Office 365
  • Texting including company dialing number
  • Integral dialer (Coming Soon)
Communication Center
Engagement Manager

Engagement Manager

The ZipperAgent engagement manager puts follow-up on autopilot. Pre-set your engagement category from a pre-defined list including buyers, sellers, your sphere and more or just create your own. Define engagement campaigns, tasks and a duration and the system will provide reminders and execute your pre-set follow-up actions. You can blend email, texts, video and other content. Access libraries and design templates for each category and in the end track your activities.

The ZipperAgent engagement manager is a game changer for reducing time and enhancing your ability to manage your referral network, nurture leads and close more deals.

Marketing Center

With the ZipperAgent CRM you get a Marketing Department out of the box. The marketing capabilities within the product are significant but even more easy to use. You can produce a variety of initiatives including:

  • Drips
  • Bulk Text Initiatives
  • Branded Property Notices
  • Branded Newsletters
  • Branded Market Reports
  • Targeted Outbound Email Initiatives

The system provides a simple drag and drop utility with a selection of templates and designs you can choose from. Zipperagent also provides tracking analytics so you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Marketing Center

Transaction Center

ZipperAgent provides extensive capability for you to manage your pipeline, deal workflow and your overall business through a series of customizable and easy to access tools, dashboards and reports. At the click of a button you can review and manage your pipeline by a variety of filters.

To help you close deals, ZipperAgent provides a Deal Workflow to support creation and management of customized transaction plans. The system allows you to track all tasks needed to close a deal and each stage of the process in detail.

With our Operations Dashboard obtain and track your business across all aspects.

You can also track your business actions and financials across all aspects of a transaction.

Data Security

ZipperAgent includes an enterprise class data security model that allows you to stay in control of all your information by choosing what, when and who you provide access to. ZipperAgent also includes 100GB of document storage and integration with other cloud storage tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and Box.

Mobile Application

The ZipperAgent mobility solution is a true mobile application. As most real estate professionals are on the go a highly functional mobile application is invaluable. The ZipperAgent mobile application supports:

  • Leads – Instant notification on new leads for quick follow up and qualification
  • Contacts – Add, search, filter, call, text, email, notes, tasks, appointments, alerts and drips
  • Buyers – Preferences, relevant properties, deal status, activities, notes and docs
  • Listings – Property details, deal status, interested buyers, activities, notes, docs
  • Activities – Push notifications and reminders for tasks and appointments


ZipperAgent is an open system that incorporate a RESTful API. The benefit of this type of API is that it’s the easiest and most secure way for information to be exchanged between systems. The following is an example of current integrations with many more in the pipeline

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