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Real Estate Lead Generation a Creative Approach

Real Estate Lead Generation

The Same Old Thing When It Comes to Lead Generation

Real estate lead generation is something that all real estate agents are concerned with.  Without leads, there are no customers and no business.  Real estate agents will frequently rely on the same methods that other real estate agents in their market are using.  I guess the logic is that if it works for one agent it will work for another. There is some validity to that logic. But if an agent wants to differentiate themselves this can create a conundrum.  How can you be different from other agents engaging in real estate prospecting if you are doing the same things as they are doing? A certain amount of creativity will help you overcome this. Here is one simple approach.

A Creative Approach to

If you go to and search for the term “real estate lead generation”, you will get more than 156 million results. If you search again using slightly different terms by place the word “creative” at the beginning of the search: “creative real estate lead generation”, you will get far fewer results.  Being creative in real estate lead generation activities can have a massive impact on your business.  A couple of my favorite sources for creative real estate lead generation ideas can be found at and in a blog, I wrote earlier for ZipperAgent.

One more creative approach to getting seller leads and real estate leads, in general, can be seen by clicking on the video below. It’s a creative way to prospect a new neighborhood to generate more leads.



We will be discussing other creative ideas for lead generation in our upcoming posts.

Meanwhile, if you have other creative ideas that you want to share with others, do post them in the comments section of this blog.

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