8 Key Qualities of a Top-Producing Agent

7 Key Qualities of a Top-Producing Agent

Most top-producing agents share these seven characteristics.

Fortunately they are traits that everyone can learn to emulate. Do you have what it takes to build your business?

1. Their behavioral style gets things done.

Top-producing agents are pragmatic, attentive high achievers who focus on building relationships. They:

  • Move Past Rejection. Top-producing agents are willing to take risks and are prepared to deal with the consequences. More importantly, they aren’t bogged down by what others think of them.
  • Build Relationships. Top-producing agents enjoy interacting with others and are sensitive to others’ emotions. These skills gain others’ respect and appreciation.
  • Take Off Their Rose-Colored Glasses. Top-producing agents are pragmatic and utilitarian. They don’t waste time dancing around issues and instead cut to the heart of a problem.

2. They give back to their community.

Top-producing agents are involved with charitable, philanthropic, and other community-focused activities. They know the emotional and business value of sharing their time and resources with other community members.

3. They build and rely on systems.

Without good support systems, no agent will be able to handle a top-producer’s business volume. They use a CRM to organize their contacts and communications, and they run their team according to clear best practices and defined responsibilities.

Systems increase profit, improve efficiency, and create order. They’re crucial for a business of any size.

4. They have a written business plan.

Successful agents know their goals and make sure they’re accountable for fulfilling them. They break big goals into steps and assign completion dates. Most importantly, they share their goals and due dates with their team to keep everyone on-task and accountable.

5. They focus on their passions and delegate everything else.

Top-producing agents have assistants and teams behind them—which lets them keep a tight focus on what they do well. Even if it’s just hiring an office assistant, agents experience a dramatic boost in productivity and business when they can delegate non-sales-related work.

6. They never stop learning.

Top-producers are always looking for the next tool or strategy that will improve their business. If they can learn one thing form a seminar or a new technology, it’s worth the time and money they invested.

Top agents don’t get complacent with their business practices. They know what works today might not work next year.

7. They never stop developing their business.

This is the difference between working “on” and working “in” your business. As mid-level agents start to achieve greater success, they put more and more time into working “in” their businesses—delivering services. They forget to set time aside for working “on” their businesses—marketing and evaluating them.

Top agents regularly take time to review business performance and don’t hesitate to make changes as necessary.

If you’re ready to become a top-producing agent, take the following steps:

  • Create a written business plan and schedule regular times to assess your progress toward your goals.
  • Focus 90% of your time on the top 50% of your revenue-producing activities. Delegate the rest.
  • Learn something new each week that will improve your business. Read books, listen to podcasts, and talk to others in the industry.
  • Build your business by giving back to the community.

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