ZipperAgent helps drive success of a
nationally ranked top producing Coldwell Banker Brokerage

The Laura B Team at Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate

A 30-year veteran REALTOR® ranked in the top one percent of over 75,000 Coldwell Banker real estate professionals worldwide, Laura Baliestiero is VP at Massachusetts-based Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate. According to Laura, a major key to her success is “The Laura B Team” – a tight-knit group who deliver what she calls “remarkable real estate results” for home sellers and buyers who want to live in one of the exclusive suburbs west of Boston (including Concord, Carlisle and Littleton).


To compete in a tough market, the Laura B Team has always used the latest technologies to get their work done. Unfortunately, in the past each realtor had their own method of tracking and communicating with clients: from Google Apps to Excel spreadsheets and other Microsoft Office applications. Individual team members used a range of different and mutually incompatible CRM systems including Market Leader and Wise Agent.


More than two years ago, the Laura B Team adopted ZipperAgent, as a single solution to integrate lead generation, CRM, marketing, analytics and transaction management. According to Debbie Spaulding, Manager of the Laura B Team: “having everything in one place means we no longer need to search and hunt for stuff in folders or on our computer. Now we just click on an individual contact and we have everything associated with/attached to that person.”

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Marketing Made Easy

Let’s face it: most real estate pros don’t have the skills, nor the time to be effective marketers. To help spread the word, The Coldwell Banker Laura B Team relies on ZipperAgent to to find and engage with prospects. Upon visiting its customized IDX Website (powered by ZipperAgent), sellers are invited to “Find out what your home is worth,” while buyers can explore towns and conduct real-time property searches, see listings and learn about upcoming open houses.

Beyond furnishing an attractive website, ZipperAgent provides other marketing tools for email campaigns, blog posts, and newsletter distribution.

All We Need

“Before using ZipperAgent, my team juggled different ways to market themselves and to try to keep a handle on clients as part of our workday,” says Laura Baliestiero, VP at Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate. “Since we’ve standardized on ZipperAgent – our office now has an easy-to-use tool that integrates all the information we need on customers, properties, marketing, transactions, and more into a single system that we can connect to from laptop or smartphone, anywhere we are. It’s taken away a lot of headaches and made us all more efficient,” says Baliestiero. Together, ZipperAgent and the talented Laura B Team are focused on providing world-class personalized service.

ZipperAgent has taken away
a lot of headaches and made us all more efficient.

Laura Baliestiero, Vice President,
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate
(Carlisle, MA)

ZipperAgent is a great all-in-one tool and their developers keep adding more features that make an agent’s job easier and save you time now and in the future.

Debbie Spaulding, Manager,
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate
(Carlisle, MA)

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