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5 Places Online You Need to List Your Real Estate Business

How’s your online business presence? If your Real Estate business isn’t listed in these five places online, it’s not as successful as it could be.

1. Your own personal, professional website

This might seem obvious, but this is the #1 place online to list your real estate business.  This doesn’t refer to the standard pages provided by online home listing sites like Zillow or by your office or brokerage.  Instead this means a professional website designed to highlight your business, your successes, and your listings. This website should be one of the first listings that come up when leads google your name. Not only does a personal website increase your sphere of influence and online presence, its built-in forms and contact options are also important for pulling leads into your database.

2. Your Broker’s Website

Most brokers provide their agents with a page or a bio on the larger office website. While it’s still important to have your own personal website, leads will also find you through your brokerage. At the very least, make sure your contact information listed on the brokerage or office website is correct. It is even better to include a short biography with details on your experience, a photo, and a link to your personal page. Most brokerages won’t mind if you have your own website; in fact, most of the larger ones encourage it. If you have any concerns, talk to the broker or manager of the office.

3. Community Pages

Depending on where you live and the type of real estate you sell, the kinds of community pages best suited to you will vary.  However, the core idea remains the same: get your name out there and get it associated with the communities you serve. Some towns have webpages devoted to enticing new people to move to the town. If a town you serve has a page like this, ask if they include local agents’ contact information. If you can donate some time or money to a local organization or event in exchange for sponsorship recognition, do it. Though this might not result in any immediate sales, it will increase your name recognition and your connections with community members.

4. Online Listing Sites Like Zillow

There’s a lot of debate right now about whether or not Zillow is worth a real estate agent’s time. Regardless of your opinion, it is worth making sure you have a profile on the site. A recent study from the National Association of Realtors found that 92% of home buyers house hunt online; having a Zillow profile will get your name out there.

5. Google Places and Google Business

This just means that Google recognizes and lists you as a business. This creates a Google Place for you on their interactive map and gives you a Google Plus account, both of which are important to your SEO rankings and success with local search terms.

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