Marketing skills for real estate agents

4 Marketing Skills for Real Estate Agents

4 Marketing Skills for Real Estate Agents

Here is how to master 4 Marketing Skills for Real Estate Agents.

    1. Master copywriting skills to create brief, clear, appropriate messages
    2. Interact in online communities and you will create a lead generation machine
    3. Become a Brand on Social Media
    4. It’s your Sales Funnel – Own it


Master copywriting skills to create brief, clear, appropriate messages

Great salespeople are great communicators, often great storytellers, but we sometimes know too much.  Buyers these days are more informed than ever before.  We do not need to tell them everything we know.

Not saying too much can be hard when writing a blog post for example.  We naturally want to show our mastery of the subject, but we often forget that our readers may know as much or more than we do.

In an online world, you have about 2 or 3 seconds to grab a reader’s attention.  Get to the point quickly.  Look at this blog as an example; the title says I have four things to say then it starts with #1

In the online world, you will be given maybe two seconds before people decide if what you are delivering is worth spending their precious time on. I have observed that I needed always to make it easy to read & keep my message clear, concise and simple.

Now do this:

Review your elevator pitch, value proposition, or whatever you call it.  Cut it down to 1 or two sentences.  At a trade show in NYC, I had a prospect tell me I had 9 seconds of his time to convince him to listen to me.  I gave him a 9-second elevator pitch, and we ended up talking for about 30 minutes.  If you can’t get your pitch down to 1 or 2 sentences, your prospect will think that you do not know your product well

Zip Tip:

Record a phone call of your prospecting or selling.  Know practice till you can do it in half the times.  Not by talking faster but by using one-half the words.

Interact in online communities, and you will create a lead generation machine


Great marketers find where their ideal customer spends their time – what consumes their attention.  What this means is knowing what blogs they read, the periodicals they subscribe to, the slack channels they are on.  They want to be where the customer is and advertise them too.

Look for industry-specific groups on social media or maybe even in a local paper.  Find out what challenges or problems they have that you can solve.  Tale 20 minutes a day to contribute and you will eventually be acknowledged as an expert in the field. Here is an example.  I had excellent success in renting apartments and homes to medical professionals.  There is a group in Boston know as Boston Young Healthcare Professionals (BYHP). The group has a website, Facebook page, Twitter Page; they host social gatherings and even have a place for sponsors.  This is a goldmine.  These are people that may not at this time be able to afford a home of their own, but they probably will at some point.  Most will certainly be able to afford a home in Boston or a surrounding area.  Wouldn’t it be great to talk there about housing?  Offering help, not selling, I bet it will pay off in the long run.

No Sales Pitch, Nada, None, Zero

If you want to establish yourself as an industry expert, a consultant and not just another sales guy it takes time.  It also takes an effort to be interesting and interested.

Now do this:

Join an online industry community where your ideal buyer might come from. Share an article and your opinions about the article.  It should not be one that comes from your company.

Zip Tip:

Start to build a community on social media.  It is going to take time, much time.  It will pay off in the end.

Think of it this way the neurosurgery residency is seven years.  The median income for a neurosurgeon in the United States in 2018 was $579,000.  Depending on other factors they should be able to afford a 1.5 to 2-million-dollar home at some point.  So, you need to determine if this worth your time and effort.  I say yes.

Bonus:  if you decide to focus on medical professionals look for information like this;

The Complete Guide To Physician Mortgage Loans


Become a Brand on Social Media


Why don’t my prospects ever see my ads?  Why don’t I ever get invited to those fancy webinars?  Why doesn’t the decision maker ever get back to me?

I have had thoughts like this, I have been frustrated, and I am sure at some point you have to. Have you ever followed up four, six, eight, maybe ten times and never had anyone get back to you?

Become accountable. You are your one and only marketer.  The marketing department is you. Relevant content targeted to your potential clients is the only game in town. It is not just to attract people to your website.  It can help you push sales along, get you referrals, and even close some deals for you.

Remember that people, lead busy lives.  I do, and I am pretty sure you do as well.  Make it as difficult as you can for your prospects to forget about you.

Now do this:

Think of a challenge your prospects are facing.  List three bullet points that they can use to solve the challenge.  Help them sell it without your product. Create a video on LinkedIn, YouTube or elsewhere.  Use subtitles to increase engagement.  Share the video with the prospect.

That is exactly what I did in this video:

Zip Tip:

Learn some basic video editing to put your videos at a level higher than your competitors.

It’s your Sales Funnel – Own it


I do not believe robots will take over the world. I do believe that AI will start to take over menial tasks and free us up for more meaningful pursuit. To that end, the future of sales will require that we adapt, become more creative, and demand humanity and authenticity, the things AI cannot do.

Millennials are demanding that salespeople and sales organizations have social impacts beyond just the revenue they bring in. Deloitte, one of the big four accounting firms in the world, published an article called, The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2018, Millennials’ confidence in business, loyalty to employers deteriorate, Respondents yearn for leaders whose decisions might benefit the world—and their careers

What millennials are looking is best described as, “leaders to prove themselves as agents of positive change.”  

We know that the largest group of home buyers in the United States are millennials.  We know that they are looking for agents of change.  We know that are 30 elements of value that people seek in the transaction,  We know that social impact, Self-Transcendence, is the highest value that people seek.  So, what are you waiting for?  Look at the 30 elements of value; you can provide value at every level of that pyramid.  Not all the values assuredly but at least one on every level.

Now do this:

Find a way that you can have a real social impact!  There must be some way.

Zip Tip:

Once you have the social impact figured out, do it.

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